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Haunted Places in Illinois

Due to the overwhelming amount of haunted places to visit in Illinois, I will break this down into a couple parts so the articles don’t seem overwhelming. I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

When planning your next get-away, keep these places in mind if you’re looking for some ghostly action.

Abingdon Middle School

Years ago, a teacher hung herself because her child fell down the stairs on a tricycle and died. To this day, you can hear screaming and yelling and the squealing of the tricycle tires. People also report seeing the woman and child again.

Algonquin Cemetery


On one side of the graveyard is spirit of a rapist who has been bound to his grave by a high priestess. The other side of the graveyard is home to a murderers’ spirit. Just like the rapist, he too has been bound to his grave. His grave is located towards the back of the cemetery and once you find it, you will feel his bad energy and hear him running back and forth through the woods. There is also a boy’s spirit that has been found around this area and is seen watching both the rapist and the murderers’ spirit as well as watching you protecting yourself from any harm.

Woodstock Opera House

A seat in the balcony, DD113, is always left empty for the ghost, Elvira. That is her favorite seat. All the seats in the opera house are spring loaded so they stay in the upright folded position unless being used. This seat works quite properly, but it is often seen in the down position as if some unseen presence is sitting in it. Often if a performer misses their cue or messes up a line, a deep sigh is heard from the neighboring seat 113. Late one evening, Shelly Berman was working on some scenery and heard a noise from the audience and when he looked in the direction of seat 113, not only that seat but several seats in the same row were in the down position. He believes Elvira and other ghostly patrons where watching him work on the stage.

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