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Haunted Places in Minnesota Part Two

If you live or ever visit Minnesota and want a good scare you should definitely check out these places as they are sure to send shivers down your spine as you experience paranormal activities.

Holbrook Park – Long Lake

In the middle of the night, a ghost of a little girl is seen walking around the park as if she was lost. If you get too close to her, she will disappear. After walking around, she will fade away but comes back with her dad and carries apples in her dress. She has only been seen walking in the park on Sundays.

40 Club Restaurant and Bar – Aitkin

Located above the restaurant/bar is an apartment. In 1999, a man died in there. Days later, he was found when he did not show up for work. During the night, television sets turn on themselves and channels that normally have pictures are static. In addition, numerous noises are heard throughout the night. There are also cold and hot spots in the building. When no one is upstairs, footsteps are heard up there as if someone is walking around. Since his death in 1999, the upstairs apartment has been boarded up and no one is allowed up there.

Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast

Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast is located in Annandale, MN. It has quite that haunting history. It is haunted by a bride, a ghost of a little child, 2 cats and previous owners. This bed and breakfast is currently owned by a psychic, who often gives readings to the guests and is in contact with the super natural.

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Falcon Ridge Middle School 

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While this school was being built in 1995, a construction worker was buried alive. He is now seen walking through the halls moaning and unlocking doors. Late at night, the lights around the school mysteriously turn on and off.

Lake Alimagnet Trails – Apple Valley

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Just as the sun sets, there have been reports of a clown who stares at you. It does not seem to be harmful. It has been thought that the clown’s intent is to scare you away from the wooded trails.

Dead Mans Pond – Cottage Grove

A little boy had once drowned in this pond. To this day, no ducks that visit will venture to the middle as if in fear. If you look closely, you can witness bubbles rise from the middle of the pond.

Demontreville – Monastery at Demontreville – Lake Elmo

Between the hours of midnight and one a.m. there have been views of a monk who will run into the road right in front of your car then disappear into the night. This young monk is described to be in his 20s or early 30s, tall, thin and wears a brown robe.


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