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Hauntings of Dragsholm Castle

Hauntings inside of a castle in Denmark.

Hauntings Of Dragsholm Castle 

 Located in Sealand, Denmark, The Dragsholm slot was built in the 12th century by the

Roskilde bishop. When the building of the castle was

finished being built, it became the residence for both

kings and several noble families. In 1939, the Bottger

family purchased the property and they have since

turned it into a hotel.
 The castle is said to be haunted by atleast three

different ghost. A white lady ghost, a gray lady ghost,

and a male spirit have all been seen in many areas

throughout the castle.
 The white lady is believed to be the daughter of one of

the many owners of the castle. As the story goes, she

fell in love with a common man who worked in the

castle and the relationship went on for awhile. Since the

father was a rich and noble man, they kept the love

affair a secret. Unfortunately, one day the girls father

caught them and he was very angry. He was so mad

that he actually made the servants of the castle

imprison his daughter inside of a thick wall where she

died. In the 1930’s, workers tore down one of the

castles old walls and to their horror they found a female

skeleton wearing a white dress.
 In the 1500’s the famous Earl of Bothwell was captured

and imprisoned in the castles cellars. In 1578 he was

found dead on the cellar floor after being imprisoned

here for over five years. His spirit has been seen in the

castles cellars a number of times.
 The gray lady ghost is almost never seen, and is less

known than the other two ghosts who haunt Dragsholm

Castle. She is believed to be a woman who once worked

in the castle as a maiden. She is called the gray lady

because that is the color of the clothing she has been

seen wearing.
 Another strange thing that happens on the property at

night is the sound of horses and carriages approaching

the castle. But when you look outside, there is nothing

to be seen.
 Throughout the years many ghost hunters have

investigated this castle and alot of interesting evidence

has been captured here. Dragsholm slot is definately a

paranormal hotspot and one of Europes most active

haunted places.

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