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Horrendous Discovery Alien Residents China

Horrendous discovery Alien Residents China..

Shanding Binzhou – A Chinese man has been posting pictures with an object which he claimed was an alien. According to him, these aliens have been trapped on earth because of a UFO crash. Indeed, photographs show images dipostingnya himself standing next to objects that seem a bit rough from outer space. Of course, this makes the social networking scene in China.

Li, the photo uploader, claimed he saw a UFO buzzed formations in the night sky along the Yellow River, Shangdong Province Binzhou, China, “wrote the Daily Mail, Monday, June 10, 2013. Suddenly one of the dishes that resemble objects fall to earth snapped. And, that’s when Li found the body of one of the ‘visitors’ were left behind.

Li confirmed, the incident took place in March 2013. He preserves the alien in the freezer. However, local police refute Li. From the police statement, no signs of life inside the object. In fact, the police claimed that it was just rubber with high quality in such a way so as to form like an alien.

Alien recognized electrocuted to death and preserved in a freezer is a high quality imitation,” so the local police statement via his official website. Seemed not to care about the police response, the bloggers in China continue to believe that the alien is found Li still associated with foreign footprint footprint-shaped UFO seen in Hubei Province.

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