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How to Speak to The Dead

Four ways to communicate with the dead.

There are many reasons you may want to speak with the dead. You may have lost a loved one recently, or have a deceased ancestor you would like to speak with. You may be hanging around with some friends and want to speak with a dead person because you think it would be fun. You may also believe you have a ghost living in your home and want to know why it’s there. Here are four things you can do to speak with a ghost.


Not all Psychics are frauds. There are some very honest psychics in our communities that can help us speak to our loved ones. It is best to do research on the area psychics. Talk to others who have used the psychic’s services before. See if there are any write ups about the psychic on the Internet, in newspapers or in magazines. If a psychic or medium is a fraud, there is a good chance you will figure it out during your first meeting. When you meet with the psychic, don’t give a lot of information about yourself or your ghost. A true psychic won’t ask for a lot of information. There are some psychics that don’t want any information at all. Things about you and your ghost will come out during the reading, without the psychic asking a lot of questions.

Ouija Board

The Ouija board can be a very effective way of contacting the dead. You want to use the Ouija board with someone you can trust. Many people believe the others they are using the board with are moving the pointer. Use the board with someone you know will not move the pointer. You can ask yes or no questions, or open ended questions. The pointer will move to and your questions will be answered.

Candle Scrying

When you are candle scrying the flame of the candle is the medium for the dead to communicate with you. Sit in a comfortable, quiet place. Have a candle set up on a table in front of you. Use relaxing breathing techniques to clear your head of intrusive thoughts and emotions. Gaze at the flame of the candle and invite the dead to come speak with you. If done correctly, you will receive visions, like dreams, through the candle flame. When you are done snuff out the candle.

The Pendulum

The pendulum has been used as a device for speaking with the dead for many years. You can make a pendulum by attaching a small weighted object to some string, or you can buy a pendulum at your local occult store. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Draw a cross inside the circle to make a crosshair shape. Set the paper on a table, rest your elbow on the table and hold the pendulum over the paper. Designate which direction of the swinging pendulum will be yes and which will be no. Right to left can be yes, and up and down can be no. A clockwise motion can be yes and a counterclockwise motion can be no. You can ask the spirit yes or no questions.

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