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Lady Wonder, or: The Psychic Detective Was a Horse!

In 1925, Mrs Lord from Richmond, Virginia, purchased a two-week-old colt. A few years later, Lady Wonder came trotting toward her owners before they called her, and the horse could count and spell short words too, by maneuvering toy blocks around with her nose…

Lady Wonder not only was a very intelligent and “telepathic” horse, she also could predict the future. According to the Chicago Tribune, she predicted the next president of the United States before Franklin D. Roosevelt even had been nominated. But it wasn’t until she had reached thirty years of age, which is very old for a horse, that Lady Wonder made her real claim to fame… as a psychic detective.

The authorities in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, already in the early 1950’s had asked Lady Wonder to help them find four-year-old Danny Matson. They had heard how Lady Wonder predicted the winner of the World Series and now this little boy had been missing for months, they were counting on some sort of a miracle. Lady Wonder “told” the police to go searching for the boy at a water-filled stone quarry and although the site had already been searched without yielding any evidence connected to the case, the body of Danny now was found there.

In October 1955, three-year-old Ronnie Weitcamp disappeared after he left three playmates in his front yard. The sheriff’s deputies and the Indiana state police, accompanied by about fifteen hundred employees of the local navy depot combed thousands of wooded acres looking for the toddler. But Ronnie had disappeared while scooting… and without leaving one single trace. Had Ronnie been kidnapped or murdered? Was he lost? Countless leads and clues poured in to the police department, but no solid evidence emerged.

By the end of October the official search was called off. Journalist Frank Edwards, who was also a paranormal researcher (he was known for his Strange World and Strangest of all books), was then news director of the television station WTTV at Bloomington. He remembered the strange tale of Lady Wonder, contacted a friend who lived near Mrs Lord and asked him to see if her paranormal mare could offer any help in finding Ronnie Weitcamp.

Edwards was unable to travel to Virginia, but he sent some colleagues to visit the paranormal mare. What followed might seem too uncanny to accept, but it really happened… 

“Do you know why we are here?” they asked the psychic detective, and by flipping out large tin letters that hung from an iron bar across her stall, Lady Wonder answered immediately: “B-O-Y”. When asked the toddler’s name, the horse had some trouble spelling it: “R-O-N-E,” she said.

“Is dead or alive?” they asked her.

Lady Wonder spelled: “D-E-A-D”.

“Was he kidnapped?”


“Wat is near him?”


Lady Wonder also indicated the soil around Ronnie was sandy, and that he would be found in December (”D-E-C”).

Edwards broadcasted the information provided by the talking telepathic horse on October 24. The story received widespread ridicule and criticism… until December, when two teenagers found the child near an elm tree in a sandy gully…

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  1. s hayes

    On September 17, 2009 at 8:33 am

    Fantastically spooky – what an amazing animal – great read x

  2. Sterling Christianson

    On September 17, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    That’s pretty intense man. I never heard about this, especially happening only less than a century ago. Do you think the horse was a reincarnation from some spiritual entity or human spirit? I’m mesmerized by your stories Patrick and have been reading so much more than writing. Thanks for sharing this amazing story!

  3. SmaterThanYou

    On May 29, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Wat is near him?”

    Funny a horse can spell, but a “writer” cannot.

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