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Mystical Phenomena Ocean in The World

Everyone agreed that the ocean is a beautiful natural scenery. The reflection of the afternoon sun and waves are a combination of beauty that can be drawn from the sea. But in the world’s oceans not only has beauty, but also the mystical phenomena respectively.

There are so many mysteries about the world’s oceans that have not been solved. Because these mysteries are not dismantled by science and logic, many of which carry his mystical phenomenon with the world. Below is the open sea known as mystical phenomena.

1. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda is not only the name of the sea known among sailors only. In recent decades, the Bermuda Triangle is a high seas most often touted as the ‘home’ of the sentient inhabitants smooth seas. The nickname is not given away, but of course because it has a lot of mysterious phenomena that occur in the Bermuda triangle sea, which also killed.

The Bermuda Triangle is a high seas covering the Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale and the islands of Bermuda. Bermuda is easy early popularity began December 5, 1945. At that time, 5 unit naval bombers vanished no trace. Until now no one has found the carcass, including the bodies of 14 people were also missing crew at the time. December 5th incident is only the beginning of a series of mystical phenomena that occur in the Bermuda Triangle. To date, there have been about 50 planes and ships were reported vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle.

Many people who try melogikakan phenomena occurring in the bermuda triangle. Some theories also mentions about the existence of UFOs in the area. But of the many theories are presented, one of the most plausible theory is a theory introduced by Joseph Monaghan of Monash University. This theory was first describe it in the form of articles in the American Journal of Physics, entitled “Methane Bubble Could Sink Ships? ‘

Monaghan describes the large bubbles on the surface of the sea water created from deposits of methane in solid form, or better known as gas hydrates. Methane gas can be hardened for greater pressure on the sea. Methane gas which is then hardened creates bubbles that rise to the surface of the water, whose concentration can cause damage to the navigation tools and electronic mostly on ships and aircraft. This damage then causes planes to lose the function of the navigation and radio before the plane dropped off completely and sank into the sea. While the theoretical density of water is also presented as a possible cause of the sinking of ships around the ocean bermuda.

There is also an attempt to prove the loss of crew-crew with infrasound theory. According to them, the release of methane gas caused infrasonic vibrations that trigger bad resonasi heart and blood vessels. Naturally, this can lead to feelings of panic in humans. The panic was then that make crews jumped out of the boat and eventually sank.

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