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Operation Stargate: US Military Uses Psychic Spies

Remote viewing is the ability to see, sense and sometimes smell places, people and events which are outside the normal range of the five senses.

The CIA and US Army ran a remote viewing program called “Stargate” and they used psychics for many different operations including trying to locate missing aircraft and specific people. Viewers drew diagrams of military installations and targets and provided some accurate and useful information. Of course, the skeptics stressed the bits they didn’t get right.

In 1995, Joe McMoneagle, a former army remote viewer came up with compelling evidence that showed that this could actually be done. He remote viewed ( RV’d) a secret location and drew pictures of windmills. The target was a windmill farm. The US press got hold of the story and many others incidences connected to it.

During the 1970’s up to 16 psychics worked on remote viewing projects for the Defence Intelligence Agency. One of these psychics, David Morehouse, has written a book called “Psychic Warrior” which is worth reading to get the full story about what went on during operation Stargate.

The military program was stopped, not because it didn’t work, but because popular opinion did not back the use of government funds for “parapsychological games”. It was a matter of politics and votes.

Despite the weight of public opinion and the withdrawal of funding, the work carried on in small private groups. The whole idea of remote viewing has been ridiculed and debunked by many prominent people, including James Randi, but it does work.

There are several groups on the internet that are dedicated to remote viewing. The one set up by PJ Genir is worth a look if you are open minded and need convincing.

This site

has around 3000 members and the numbers are growing fast. Viewers are provided with blind targets. All they are given is a number and the idea is to focus in on the target and type in what comes to mind. There are lots of security measures in place to prevent cheating, hacking and the like.

I have tried this myself and had some amazing results over the past couple of years. This no special “dark art”, It is merely an extension of the 5 human senses that we are already aware of. We only use nine tenths of our brain and I believe there is far greater potential for us as a species, if we start to utilize the rest. Maybe remote reviewing is connected to this.

Take a look at the results viewers have had on this site. Try the technique for yourself. The whole thing is amazing.

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