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Ouija: Fact or Fiction?

The Ouija Board has been considered a tool for contacting the spiritual world for decades. People always wonder whether it is real. Some people do not believe in the spiritual world whatsoever. Sometimes I doubt it myself, but what I cannot doubt is my lived experience. This is my story of Ouija.

Growing up, I was always fascinated with the afterlife. I am not sure when the fascination began. My earliest memory of something “spiritual” occurred when I was about 11 years old. My family had purchased a house from newlyweds who were building a new house across the street from their old one.

Their old one, the one we were moving in, was in the husband’s family for a couple of generations. I remember one day when the husband was digging up the front yard at their new home. I thought they were digging up their sewer. He had been working very hard on this for a couple days.

Shortly thereafter, I remembering hearing that while digging, the piles of dirt around him had caved in and he was buried alive. Just a couples days after that, I sat in my bedroom. I looked up and a black shadow of a man passed by the entrance of my room. At first I thought it was my step-father, but after looking around and realizing he was asleep on the couch downstairs, I knew it was not him.

My mother had told me about various spooky encounters she had, and encounters my grandfather and grandmother had. I figured that it must have been something in the family. That or we were all crazy.

For some strange reason, I became interested in the Ouija Board when I was about 15 years old. A friend of mine had one, and we would play it on occasion. Then I received one as a gift and was very excited. My friends and I became obsessed with playing it. We would stay up all night playing Ouija. Strange things happened, but I always questioned them. It was primarily me and two of my other friends who played the game consistently and regularly. I remember playing and my friend claiming he was possessed (which I did not believe).

I remember playing, and the way that the indicator would slide around the screen spelling out messages for us. It always liked answering questions about the spirit that was controlling it the most. A few times, we stuck a pen in the indicator and it would write out messages that way.

One of my friend’s found a Ouija Board in the woods once and took it in. He then said he also found one on the beach. He felt he had too many, and said he threw one in the garbage. The next day, the Ouija was back in his room. He asked his family if they had taken it out of the garbage, and they said no. As kids, we were likely to believe most things, even though inside we questioned it.

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