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Psychic Animals Predicting Death

Stories of animals predicting death at nursing homes are popping up all over the United States. There has been more than one news worth story about a death predicting cat or dog.

As odd as it sounds, the ability of cats, dogs, or even rabbits to predict the death of a person may not be that far fetched.  For years it has long been thought that animals possess some sort of ESP or sixth sense.  It seems like after every major catastrophic natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami, news stories pop up about the odd behavior of wild animals and pets just before the event occurred.  This kind of makes sense; animals are obviously very in tune with slight changes in the environment; but what about an animal’s ability to predict death?  Do death predicting cats and dogs really exist?  Can an animal predict death and a person’s demise days and even weeks before it actually occurs?

Before you scoff at these questions and call them far fetched think about this for a second.  In July of 2007, the New England Journal of edicine featured an article about a death predicting cat.  This is the New England Journal of Medicine, not the National Enquirer. 

Oscar the Death Predicting Cat

The death predicting cat in question is named Oscar.  Oscar is an adopted cat taken in by the staff and patients of Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, R.I.  Oscar’s original intended purpose was to act as companion to the folks at the nursing home.  Things, however, have changed since these early days. While he still acts a companion to the elderly folks at the Steere nursing home, his presence has taken on a whole new meaning. 

Oscar seems to have a sixth sense about him.  At the time of article by the New England Journal of Home Medicine, Oscar was charged with predicting the death of more than 25 patients at the nursing home.  This is a figure that has almost tripled since the publication of the article. 

Oscar, the death predicting cat, begins visiting patients, almost like he is standing vigil, sometimes weeks before the patient passes on.  What makes Oscar’s story even more extraordinary is that he often predicts death before the doctors or nurses.  In fact, the nurses at the Steere House nursing home say they will often alert a patient’s family about the possibility of death, when they see that Oscar has taken up vigil. 

Death Predicting Animals

Oscar is not alone with his death predicting sixth sense.  In fact the news media is littered with stories about animals that seem to be able to predict death or illness. 

There is a news worth story out of Canton, OH about a doom sensing dog.  This dog, known as scamp, is charged with having an ability very similar to Oscar’s.  Scamp just like Oscar lives at a nursing home, called the Pines, in Canton, OH.  Also just like Oscar, Scamp is very aware of death.  He has a sixth sense and knows when death is going to appear.  The staff members of the Pines nursing home in Canton claim that Scamp begins to pace around and bark when he senses death.  They believe that this death predicting dog is trying to alert them that something is about to happen. 

Of course, these are not the only two death predicting animals to make news.  Others stories make claim about a bird who circles an area when disaster is about to strike.  Also, there people who claim that they have witnessed their pet rabbits and hamsters act oddly right before a family member is about to die.

How Animals Sense Death

No one is certain how these animals sense death or predict death.  Some theories believe that these animals can smell a particular odor.  Perhaps dying people give off an order that is undetectable to humans.  Others believe that this dog or cat can predict death because they sense sickness.  They notice a change in behavior or attitude, even slight and minor changes. 

Or maybe these animals can sense something else.  Maybe they see the grim reaper lurking about, or some other type of phenomenon.  Whatever the case may be, animals that can sense death, like Oscar the death predicting cat and Scampers the death predicting dog should not be taken lightly.  Their innate ability to sense disaster is something that should be studied, because who knows, they just might hold the key to understanding more about the afterlife. 




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  1. Emmie

    On August 13, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Nice article. This di not particularly shock me because when my mum had a tumor last year, all the animals in the house went kind of weird and it was the behavior or my cat that actually made my mum go to the doctor.


  2. Mellisa the Spiritual Healer

    On May 27, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Animals have the ability to recognize very subtle changes in demeanor and and especially recognize sadness or depression. In addition their sense of smell and hearing is vastly superior to our own and so I am not surprised by these findings. Great Article

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