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Real Life Alien Encounter

A true story about an Alien (Creature from space) which came on Earth to make peace between two rival communities.

          The group of boys- including me were playing soccer in our back-yard. The game was heated, and every team was playing, trying every soccer tactic to out-do another. Then the descending object got the eye of my cousin, somehow older than everyone who was in the field of play. He called out for us to see, unfortunately it was too late for most of us to see a thing. I remember catching a glimpse of a multi-coloured object that got lost in a near-by maize field.

            We abandoned the game and went searching for the mysterious object. We rushed into the maize field, everyone trying to be the first the see or take the object home. We searched the entire area, where we believed the object has landed but without lack. The darkness fell and we retired from our search.

           Early the following morning, I resumed the search but I did not get any thing. By midday, stories started streaming in. I thought it was a joke, but it was true that the alien had landed miles away- in a certain field in our neighbouring community. First I heard of the description of the landed alien- the crowned female, limb-less and with an elongated hind, snake-like coiled and sitting on a rock, a spark of bright light from the aliens body coming in occasional patterns, all smiles with friendly look. I needed to see for myself, to bear a witness in rare mysterious occurrence.

           By then, the time was not on my side, so I decided to visit the scene the following day.

The story attracted our local media houses, journalists swarmed in the area, ready to report the mysterious creation.  Journalists tried taking pictures, but the camera could not work, only the cloudy-blurred images came out. Even the most powerful lens cameras were rendered helpless in the presence of the alien.  The story went unreported because of lack of real evidence. No one would trust a drawn picture of a mysterious ‘being’ present in the country. It was believed that the alien had protective mechanism to counter imaging electronics.

           By the time we- my cousin, brother and I reached the scene, onlookers were talking in hush tones, occasionally pointing at the space creation. Rays of light, blond hair, rainbow colours and flashes were the marvel everyone kept admiring. The sparkling King-like grown made her so beautiful, smiling to the crowd and sitting peacefully on the flat but raised rock. I could see her changing positions as if posing for a good shot. Such a beautiful creature.

            Initially, the villagers had run away in fear, but they later came back to join other people in watching the free-for-all show . It was a peaceful environment, only shoving and pushing among the onlookers, but cautious not to disturb peace with the unknown creature.

            Days later, the alien left the same way it came. Till today, no one knows why the alien came? Why it chose that place and who send it on Earth. But the best thing that happened just after the departure of the marvelous creature was, the call of peace between the two rival communities, and till today no violence has been reported.

A true story.

Liked it
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