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Review of Ghost Hunters Episode Camp Fear

A review of the episode that first aired 9/12/2012.

Synopsis:  The TAPS team investigates a summer camp in Georgia and a private home in North Carolina.

What I liked about this episode: One of my biggest complaints about most recent episodes of this show is (at least on camera) you never see the TAPS members making an effort to debunk some of the claims. This time around, there was a legitimate effort with that. As I’ve said in the past, when they make that effort, it makes any “evidence” they do collect seem a bit more believable.

As for the evidence itself, the voice they picked up at the private home was definitely better than most other audio evidence they normally collect. At very least, it sounded like a voice and I could even make out words. Most of the other time, I’m lucky if I hear plain noise.

What I didn’t like about this episode: I think the TAPS team was a little too quick to say the summer camp had paranormal activity in it. All they really had were some lights that could have been anything, including something human made and a faint voice (which could have been someone hiding in the woods making those lights).

I also didn’t like the idea of them assuming an old foot print on the floor was automatically made by a ghost. It could have just been leftover from an actual kid.

Final Opinion: This episode was better than most of the newer ones but I still think the TAPS team is trying a bit too hard to prove places are haunted when they really don’t have the evidence to support it.

Liked it
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