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Review of Ghost Hunters Episode Please Sign The Ghost Book

A review of the Season eight investigation at the Spalding Inn in New Hampshire.

Synopsis: Grant Wilson has his last investigation with the TAPS team at the Spalding Inn in New Hampshire.

What I liked about this episode: I know I’m probably in the minority on this one but I was actually happy to see Grant in his final investigation. There are two reasons for this. First, he almost always seemed to fade into the background and didn’t really contribute much to the investigations. Secondly, with him gone, I expect to see the TAPS team mix up the pairs a bit more rather than it always being Jason and Grant, Amy and Adam, etc.

What I didn’t like about this episode: A couple of things. The first was the choice of location. Jason and Grant own the Spalding Inn, giving them a major conflict of interest on this investigation and pretty much destroying the credibility of their evidence.

Even if I didn’t take that into consideration, the credibility of their evidence is still suspect in my opinion. The deadbolt could have been locking on its own or there could have been someone standing behind the door (why didn’t they have a camera in that room?) There was plenty of talk about shadows but no attempt to catch anything on the thermal imaging camera and, what they claimed to be captured voices sounded like noise to me.

Final Opinion: I’m glad to see Grant go but the show needs to start showing some improvement for me to keep watching.

Liked it
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