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Solved The Mystery of The “Bermuda Triangle” of Pigeons

These birds, which have excellent guidance, are lost forever in a particular area of ​​the State of New York.

Homing pigeons have an extraordinary sense of direction is very strange and not know how to find your way back home. However, there is an area in the state of New York in which these birds are sometimes lost, a mystery, like the “Bermuda Triangle” that has puzzled scientists for years. How is it possible that pigeons were mislead and not knowing aturdan to stay the course in that exact spot on the planet? What is causing this loss? Now, a scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey believes he has solved the riddle. Their findings, which are published in the journal The Journal of Experimental Biology , deal with and could explain infra sound documented similar cases in other parts of the world.

Jon Hagstrum The researcher was interested in the case after reading an article in the local press about missing pigeons. Hagstrum recalled a talk at Cornell University of another researcher, Bill Keeton, on some pigeons released from three specific locations had problems getting around and return to his loft. Those who were released in Cerro Castor and the city of Weedsport course hopelessly lost, while those who began the flight in Jersey Hill chose random directions … with one exception: every bird that came out of the hill the August 13, 1969 returned home after successfully taking the right course. Then Keeton valued and the possibility of a disturbance in the magnetic field.

Several years after the conference Keeton, to Hagstrum came up with a possible solution to the problem reading that pigeons can hear frequencies of “infrasound” incredibly low, sound waves, of course, are not audible to the human ear. Infrasound, which can be generated by tiny vibrations in the earth’s surface caused by waves in the deep ocean, says the author, travels thousands of miles. Hagstrum questioned whether carrier pigeons hear this “rumor” distinctive low frequency to find the way home. In that case, the birds who can not hear the signal, because where are released is “protected” in some way, would be unable to find their way and be lost.

Meteorological conditions

Hagstrum decided to investigate the weather in the days of launch failures of pigeons and find out if there was something in the air that could explain his disorientation. Installed a complex acoustic program-HARPA-and using the temperature, wind direction and velocity measurements taken at local weather stations during those days, rebuilt the weather of the three places. Then calculated how infrasound traveled from the loft through the atmosphere, reflectándose through layers of air and bouncing on the ground, to see if Jersey Hill, Castro Hill and Weedsport were in the shadow of infrasound loft.

Surprisingly, all the days when the birds disappeared from Jersey Hill, infrasonic signal had been led away from the earth to be high in the atmosphere, so that the birds could not pick it up. However, on August 13, 1969, the weather was perfect and this time the infrasonic signal came directly to Jersey Hill. When calculated routes loft infrasound signal at Castor Hill and Weedsport, Hagstrum explained why birds always taking the wrong direction: The land and the winds had shifted the infrasound and pigeons taking the wrong direction.

The discovery may explain other Hagstrum ‘Bermuda triangle’ of pigeons recorded in other parts of the world, for example in Yorkshire, UK.

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