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The Bermuda Triangle: 10 Facts You May or May Not Know

The Bermuda Triangle is in the north western part of the Atlantic Ocean. A number of aircraft have gone strangely missing while flying over the area, and likewise with surface objects like boats. So, here are 10 facts on the Bermuda Triangle, that you may or may not know.

As already discussed, the Bermuda Triangle is subject to much debate as to whether there are indeed things that make planes and boats disappear. Whether or not that is the case is largely unproven, but here are 10 facts that you may or may not know. 

1. Many people have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but did you know that it is also known as The Devil’s Sea and also The Hoodoo Sea?

2. The first person to document strange goings on in the area was actually Christopher Columbus, on his first trip through the area. He stated that he saw mysterious lights and had difficulty with the compass as it did funny things.

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3. In alleged occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle, there are often no signs of debris or anything to do with the object that has gone missing. This is said to be because the Gulf Stream runs the Bermuda Triangle and it can very quickly get rid of any debris, thus leaving no sign of any incident.

4. The area of the Bermuda Triangle is said to be around 440,000 miles of sea. This is an area much larger than Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma combined.

5. The most famous case to date of the Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance of a plane called flight 19 and also search planes that was sent out to try and find them. Combined 27 men and 6 planed were never found. This happened in 1945.

6. Possible theories include UFOs, the lost city of Atlantis, a Wormhole and even natural reasons like bad weather.

7. There have been approximately 1,000 lives taken in the past 100 years, apparently caused by the Bermuda Triangle. Not all of these in suspicious circumstances, but it just goes to show that it is tricky to navigate the area.

8. There is also another mystery in a mystery as the exact location of the Bermuda Triangle is not actually known, making it even more of a talking point.

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9. The said three points of the Bermuda Triangle are said to be Florida, Puerta Rico and of course Bermuda. As said before though, the exact co-ordinates are not known precisely.

10. In the Bermuda Triangle, it is one of two places on Earth, that on a compass will not point true north. This means that you have to compensate, otherwise you could end up of course- which could be why so many have done so.

As you already know, the Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious, if not dangerous place, that in fact is quite intriguing. Every year millions will fly or cruise through the area when going to America or the Caribbean, or from those countries to Europe. Scary thought i think that you could be going along nicely, then all of a sudden, something happens.

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    Compass does not point to true north is something very strange. Other occurrences might have some scientific explanation but certainly not this.

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    And the legend grows. I thought I’d heard everything about the Bermuda Triangle, but, thanks to your article, now have a couple more facts to add to the list. Great article.

  10. Brewed Coffee

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    Always intrigued by this “mystery” It does leave a lot for having theories and imagining things for something that we cannot explain at the present. Still, it is a very interesting topic.

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    On October 16, 2010 at 11:28 am

    ships sink there because gases are sometimes released from under the seabed bubble up and thus the boats are heavier than the water – since the water is mostly air.. and the boat goes down.

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