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The Empire State Building, Haunted

Paranormal activity at the Empire State Building.

  The Empire State building, known throughout the world as the tallest building in New York City. Built in 1931 and standing 102 stories tall it has been named one of the seven wonders of the world. But did you know it may be haunted?

  One ghost seen is that of a woman dressed in 1940’s style clothing. The woman ran up to the observation deck and jumped after hearing that her fiance was killed in the war. Many workers have reported seeing this woman. In 1985 a woman who was on the observation deck turned to see a woman dressed in 1940’s style clothing standing next to her. The ghost turned to her and started to tell her that her fiance had been killed in the war. It frightened the woman so that she quickly walked away. She turned back to look and saw the woman jump.

  In July 1947 a B-25 bomber crashed into the northside of the building.The plane exploded inside the building. Eleven office workers and three crewmen were burned to death. On May 1st 1947 23 year old Evelyn McHale jumped to her death. She landed on a parked United Nations limousine. She had left a suicide note that read,He is much better off without me … I wouldn’t make a good wife for anybody.’ In 1997 Ali Hassan Abu Kamal went to the 86thfloor observation deck armed with a .380-caliber Baretta handgun. He was yelling “Are you from Egypt?” The only fatality was was 27 year-old Christoffer Burmeister a danish musician who was living in the city. More than 30 people killed themselves by jumping to their death from the Empire State building observation deck and five workers killed during construction.

  In 2008 the New York Daily published an article reporting that about 10-15 vehicles become disabled every day when close to the building. If the car is towed once they are 4-5 blocks from the building they mysteriously start working.


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