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The Incident Was Bizarre in The World

The Curse of James Dean’s Car.

The Curse of James Dean’s Car
In September 1955, James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident while he was driving a Porsche sports car. After that the car seems to be jinxed car:

When his car towed from the scene of the accident and taken to the garage, the engine dislodged and fell on the mechanic, and destroy both of his legs.
Finally the engine was bought by a doctor, who put it in his racing car and died after that, when he races. Other drivers, in the same race, was killed in his car, which belongs drive shaft fitted with James Dean.
The place where James Dean’s Porsche fixed, ie a garage, damaged burned down.
Then the car was exhibited at Scramento, but suddenly broken apart and hips hurt a teenager.
In Oregon, the trailer where the car was repaired slipped and hit a shop.
Finally, in 1959, a mysterious car was broken apart into 11 sections.
Baby falls, saved two times by the same person.
In Detroit in the 1930s, a young mother (a very reckless) should thank a man named Joseph magnitude on Figlock. When Figlock is the streets, the young mother the baby fell from the window from upstairs and about Figlock. Both were unharmed and safe. Very lucky well, but a year after that, the same baby fell from the same window, and a coincidence that the same man walking underneath, and again they survived

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