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The Power of Curses

Examining the power of magickal curses which can create changes in the environment and how such dangerous power affects the people casting and receiving them.

Curses are extraordinarily powerful forces which when once projected at a person or even object, become an amazing destroying force that can permanently injure or kill. In various magickal traditions, the curse is fashioned through specific rituals and then projected out into the ether against its intended target. The art of placing and removing curses has been in existence as far back as recorded history. In ancient Greece and Rome , the curses were inscribed on clay tablets as well as often times being accompanied by crude effigies or models depicting the intended target. Usually the summoning of a specific demon or deity is used,  requesting that this spiritual entity be the force which puts the curse in motion. The talismans or scrolls are then buried in a cemetery or some other place underneath earth that is owned or closely associated with the intended victim.

 Almost all religions make mention of both blessings and curses as actual realities. In Hinduism, the Fakir has the ability to effect ritual curses. In Islam, it can be the mullahs. In Judaism, the rabbi or even lay person has that power. Both the Tanakh and Talmud have specific references to the placing of curses and their intended effect, but it clearly states that if the curse is leveled at someone who doesn’t deserve it, the results will backfire. Western Christian tradition also recognizes that the power of curses are real, as the Bible both Old and New Testaments, contain many instances of both blessings and curses being leveled at both individuals, nations, animals, even fig trees. The New Testament mentions Jesus cursing a perfectly healthy fig tree. The next day it withered.

The Generational Curse

There are many types of curses, including the short-term curse and the long-term curse. The long-term curse is known as a generational curse which extends throughout the bloodline of an individual person or group. This kind of generational curse has been known to bring about inexplicable misfortune in the descendents of the person the original curse was placed upon. The Bible speaks of such a generational curse which extends down to the seventh son, or generation. It is believed by most occult researchers that these types of generational curses are known to bring about otherwise inexplicable failures both personal and financial in the descendents of the originally cursed victim. This kind of generational or bloodline curse can and often does involve certain descendants becoming demonically possessed or oppressed. Only through intercessory prayer, or through a reversal of the original curse through specific magical ritual, can such original curses be revoked or rescinded.

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  1. Kelin Hurt

    On January 21, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    cool read but why are you and me under a tag that only our profile will bring us here and the work we did is not with the other’s

  2. Shlomo Levy

    On June 1, 2009 at 7:01 am

  3. Moonwolf

    On July 16, 2009 at 7:59 am

    The definition of a curse in itself is interesting when compared to the reason in which a curse is born. Most definitions point to the act of bringing evil upon another individual or group of individuals. Looking further, the definition of evil is ‘that which causes harm, misfortune or destruction.

    How then is the use of a curse not advised when the cursed one was the one who initiated the misfortune in the first place. Would it not stand to reason the act of sending this so-called misfortune back to the one who brought it about?

    Intent of a specified curse would be the main defining aspect of the outcome of a curse. If one curses out of a sense of love for another, the curse would then be a tool used to direct negativity back to a person for the single purpose of teaching them a lesson. For this, I say curses are needed and truly amazing in scope.

    My employer dismissed me due to the actions of one manager. Since the organization allowed this conspiracy, so shall they reap the curse upon themselves. I have spoken it and my intent is solid. And so shall it be!

  4. Kelin Hurt

    On February 5, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Chain me to me tree and call me odd

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