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The Scariest and Most Haunted Places in Arkansas

Places in the state of Arkansas that are rumored to be haunted by ghosts.

The Scariest And Most Haunted Places in Arkansas

- Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)
 Located in Carroll County, the Crescent Hotel is one of Arkansas’s most famous haunted locations.
  The ghost of a former owner named Doctor Norman Baker, is said to wander around the old recreation room by the foot of the stairs leading down to the first floor. In 1987, a woman reported seeing a ghost of a nurse pushing a gurney down the hallway in the middle of the night. Another ghost believed to haunt the Crescent Hotel is a man named Michael, who died during the hotel’s initial construction. Another ghost, usually seen in the lobby of the hotel or in the bar, is described as a bearded man in formal clothing.   A ghost named Theodora, a cancer patient of Dr. Bakers, is said to haunt room 419. Rooms 414 and 218 have also been rumored to have alot of paranormal activity too. It is uncertain when these ghost stories began, but reports of ghost sightings increased dramatically in the 1990s.
  The Crescent Hotel is a beautiful place that offers a historical view, a room to rest, and if you keep your eyes open, maybe even a ghost or two.

- Gurdon Light (Gurdon, Arkansas)
  Still seen on many nights, people come from all over to witness this unusual phenomena called the Gurdon Light. Seen mostly on darker and cloudy nights, it is a hovering whitish-blue light that sways back and forth and sometimes changes orange. It slowly moves around on the horizon and sometimes lasts for hours at a time. The light never reflects off the train tracks and there are no roads, signs, or buildings nearby so it isn’t a reflection or anything else that is easily explainable.
  Locals tell a legend to explain what the light is. They say that a railroad worker was working outside of town one night and was accidentally killed when he fell onto the path of a oncoming train. His head was severed from his body and never found. Local people say the light is actually the light from his lantern as he walks the tracks searching for his missing head. Others say the light appeared after the brutal murder of a man in 1931. Both stories are true and there are records to show that they really did happen. But is the untimely death of one of these men the cause of the floating phantom light? Maybe someday we will find out the reason and cause of this strange phenomena.
- Henslee Bridge (Little Rock, Arkansas)
  The most popular haunted place in Arkansas, the ghost story of Henslee Bridge has been told for over fifty years now and it even was featured on a TV show named Unsolved Mysteries.
  In 1950, a young woman died here when she was driving to her prom and lost control of her car and crashed into the waters under the Henslee Bridge.
 In 1967, a man was driving past the bridge when he saw a woman dressed in a long white dress, soaked and shaking from being cold. He pulled over and picked up the woman, and she gave him an address to take her home. When he finally arrived at the house, he got out and saw that the girl disappeared. Shocked that the girl was nowhere to be seen, he knocked on the door of the house, where a older woman answered the door. The woman told the man that the same thing happened before and that he must of picked up the spirit of her dead daughter.
 Other people have reported seeing the ghost here including a police officer, a school teacher, and a Baptist preacher to name a few.

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