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The Ten Most Haunted Places in North Carolina

10 of the most creepy and haunted places in North Carolina.

1. Rich Field Road In Greensboro

If you put your car in neutral and drive down the road…then make sure to have baby powder on the back. There will be hand prints where a ghostly women has pushed the car once you’re off the road.

2. Lydia’s Bridge on the Highway 70 Underpass in James Town

The ghost of a girl by the name of Lydia will stop you on the bridge and ask for a ride home after explaining she had car trouble on the way home from a dance. When you get to the location, she has vanished.

3. The Grey Man of Longbeach.

If you see a grey man along the beach…then a storm is about to come. It is a sign that you should leave the area.

4. The Mayo house in Tarboro

It’s said that the Mayo’s dog will chase you to the door and Mr. Mayo will answer it and slam it behind you. The entire family will disappear and leave only a noose from which Mr. Mayo hung himself after killing his family.

5. Old Maco Station in Wilmington

Conducter Joe Baldwin’s ghost is seen holding a lantern and swinging it to make a train stop at night.

6. US #1 South Carolina Border in Rockingham

A bride stops you and will get in. When you look back…she has vanished.

7. The Coats Junkyard in Dunn

Ghosts of Children will sing “Ring around the rosies pocket full of posies. Ashes Ashes we all fall dead”; if you drive by the Junkyard around 12:30 then you can see it and hear it if you listen closely.

8.  Williams High School in Burlington

When you drive between the football field and the back of the school, the top sign at the end of the street bleeds. This is probably because of the girl who jumped off of the school when she was stood up on prom night.

9. Chicken Alley in Asheville

The legendary ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith haunts the alley. (He was killed in Broadway’s Tavern during a bar-room confrontation)

10.  The Bitmore Estate in Asheville

Sometimes you can hear the ghost of George Vanderbilt’s wife talking with him. You can feel Georges presence in the Billiard room as well. A headless orange cat has also been seen between the Garden and Pond. Unexplainable events have happened in the Pool Room as well.

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  1. RS Wing

    On March 17, 2010 at 10:20 am

    I love these paranormal stories and places to check out. Great post.

  2. Albany S.

    On March 17, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Oh, I’ve been on Richfield Road too….there really were hand prints…

  3. Tony

    On January 8, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    The highway #1 ghost at the nc/sc border is true. I was on the way to myrtle beach and seen a lady waving her hands wanting me to stop. I kept going there wasn’t a house a mile either way. It’s where the highway gets hilly and curvy. The lady looked reflective and i couldn’t make her face out. A couple years past and i told a buddy about it. He said it may have been a ghost. i looked it up online and found it on the shadowlands website. So glad i didn’t stop that night they would have picked me up and took me to the crazy house. Never believed in ghost until that night and i still don’t know what i seen. Either way something wasn’t right that night hope i can find out more about this story.

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