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The Top 10 Spookiest Places in America

An overview of the most spine tingling, teeth grinding scary places to spend the night, just in time for Halloween!

Do you dote on the daunting? Do you fantasize about the forbidden? Then come with me on a tour of the 10 spookiest places in America. Your spine will tingle, your heart will pound and you are in for the fright of your life!

#1 on the list is located in what is arguably the most haunted place in America: Gettysberg, Pensylvania. Here you will find the home of the notorious Farnswroth Inn where ghost hunting tours take place each night. Travel to the basement or make your way up to the attic to find the unsettled sprits from the Civil War. If you are feeling exceptionally brave, you even have an opportunity to book your very own haunted room in this haunted habitat.

#2 in our travels is located in Cimarron, New Mexico at the historic St. James Hotel. While Cimarron looks like a quiet little town, it wasn’t always that way. Enjoy a haunted weekend stay with some of Cimarron’s most famous and infamous spirits. Have a ghoulish good time by participating in one of the hotel’s murder mystery weekends.

#3 brings us to one of the most gruesome tails in history. Lizzie Borden’s Bed and Breakfast is a great choice for number 3 on our list. Spend a haunted evening in the restored home of the infamous Lizzie Borden. The 6 bedrooms have been fully restored to their original state, so you can spend your night in the same room that Ms. Borden slept in…if you dare.

#4 is Bachelor’s Grove Cemetary. This is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth. Numerous reports of phantoms roaming the area, cars that mysteriously disappear and horses rising out of the small pond nearby are just some of the spooky things that have been reported near this cemetary. It is said that a visit to this cemetary will be one of the scariest things you have ever seen.

#5 on our list is the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis. The sudden deaths of the Lemp family haunt this location to date. Unexplained tragedy after tradgedy struck in their home, killing off each family member, one by one, until finally, the patriarch of the family took his own life. This living ghost story replays itself over and over again in this very haunted desitination. While the hotel itself, doesn’t like to advertise its haunted history, it is said to be one of the spookiest places on earth by travlers.

#6 on our list of spooky locations can be found in the once peacful town of Villisca, Iowa. Ninety-five years ago, this unassuming home was the scene of 8 brutal murders. Nearly everyone who has stayed the night in this home has experienced some kind of paranormal activity. A visit to the Moore mansion will scare your socks off!

#7 on our list, leads us to San Jose California and the mysterious Winchester House. Sara Winchester employed carpenters and workmen for their entire lives building this home that is filled with mystery, secret compartments and more. Sara lived there in her eccentricity for 82 years, and is said to haunt the property to date.

#8 on the list is the famous Alcatraz prision in the misty San Franscico Bay. Criminals and guards are said to haunt the prision’s inexcapable structure every night, unable to leave the stones that held them during their lives. Alcatraz is one of the scariest places on earth.

#9 is the White House Inn of Willimgton where Mrs. Brown is said to haunt the hallways. While the new owners of the inn would like to forget it’s haunting history, Mrs. Brown simply won’t allow it.

#10 brings us to our last destination on our tour of haunted and spooky American destinations. Stone’s Public House in Ashland, Mass. has a spooky and creepy past. John Stone has never left the house he build, even though he died long ago. Sullen, male phantoms roam the home, keeping the long gone Mr. Stone himself company. For a spine chilling experience you can visit this haunted abode.

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