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The World

Have you ever looked around? Have you ever wondered if there’s a point and if so what it is?

            Some days, you look at nothing in particular and wonder what you’re doing. You listen to a song and it brings up feelings of pointlessness and makes you think too much. When that happens you think “Where is my life going?” or “What am I doing?”

                Ever think about it hard enough to the point of realizing news about Celebrities going to jail or doing drugs/smoking weed is pretty hypocritical. Why care about some random person’s life so much, especially them doing drugs or going to jail, when half the time you could care less about any other “regular” person going to jail or doing drugs. You don’t know these people, these “Celebrities” so why do their lives and what they do seem so important to you.

            People in the United States and many other countries are starving, being killed, needing help after natural disasters, homeless, being abused, and generally in need of a lot of help. However, they generally take a back seat to news about celebrity break ups and the latest celebrity slip up. Celebrities help, give money to charities, but they shouldn’t have to be famous in order for these causes to be helped and funded.

            If you ever think about it, you realize just how screwed up society is and has become.

            Ever sit and think about it, how there are mini wars going on everywhere. Some people push religion on others, some press health junk. Vegetarianism and veganism aren’t wrong, but killing animals for food isn’t wrong either. Human beings are animals. A Tiger will hunt and slaughter an animal, then eat it. How are humans’ different, yes people in slaughter houses (some, maybe most) are cruel to the animals and abuse them before killing them which isn’t right, but humans, being animals ourselves, killing other animals for food is not wrong. To demonize eating meat by saying humans killing animals for food is wrong and abuse in itself is like saying wolves hunting down an elk or deer, killing it, and eating it is wrong and abusive to the elk or deer. It is nature, animals kill other animals. Hunting an animal down just for sport, not food or any real need is wrong and abusive.

            Is there a real point to living? Humans create the problems that they then need to fix. Humans live and their purpose is to make a difference in the world. We want to do something good (most of us). We want to help the world, help people in need, give food to the hungry and poor, save the environment, create a better world. Then on the contrary humans created people in need, we stressed the environment to the brink of chaos and are still destroying it. The “Better World” we are trying to create is in turn tearing the world apart piece by piece. Now after all we’ve done we have started trying to fix it, but if it is fixed then what is the point of humans. Humans create, make new things, and once everything is fixed what new things are we to create. Nothing can completely be fixed, no matter how hard you try. If we fix all the problems, new ones will arise. If new worldly problems don’t appear then human beings will have no way to make a difference in the world and will therefore be pointless.


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