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Tips to Prevent Trance!

Tips To Prevent Trance!

Possession is a phenomenon when a person is outside the control of his own mind. Some people assume possession is caused by supernatural powers that came into my soul.

Conniption symptoms often occur when a person is in the wrong place and time. Usually a person who possessed the mind is empty, the condition of his body was tired and less strong faith.

This situation can easily be exploited by a supernatural force that usually can not be controlled by those who possessed it. In general, people who have the obsession with the strange behavior traits as below:

– A sharp gaze, straight ahead is empty.
– His voice turned flat without intonation.
– Able to answer questions that smells paranormal.
– Physical strength exceeds the actual power.
– And to a certain extent, people are possessed by spirits are able to do something unusual like a fly, throw people around it with one hand movement, and so forth.
– They usually issue a froth (foam) with eyes bulging out of her mouth until you see the whites only

How to prevent it possessed?

The most appropriate way to prevent it;
A. Do not let yourself be empty (daydreaming)
2. Avoid places that can be said to be haunted.
3. Do not have a habit of talking or yelling at random. See the place and time when you are talking or yelling (loud laugh).
4. Do not challenge nature (such as mountains, oceans, forests, etc.) or spirits. Do not boast.
5. Bring yourself to God always.

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Tips to Prevent Trance!

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