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UFO Abductions and Hypnosis

UFO Abductions and Hypnosis.

Many alleged abduction cases have only been revealed through extensive use of hypnosis techniques. The witnesses having lost all conscious memory of the sequence of the events, this method seems to be the ideal one to retrieve time loss periods during UFO encounters. However, the factuality of the related experiences during hypnosis remains in question.

One of the most interesting experiments in this area was conducted in 1977, at the Anaheim Memorial Hospital in Anaheim, California, by clinical hypnotist William McCall, author John De Herrera and Professor Alvin Lawson. In these experiences, imaginary UFO abductions were hypnotically induced in a group of volunteers (16) who had never seen UFOs and who knew relatively nothing about the subject. Then, the following eight questions, contained in the protocol, were asked:


1. Imagine you are in a favorite place, and suddenly you see a UFO. Describe that UFO.

2. Imagine you are aboard the UFO. How do you get there?

3. Imagine you are inside the UFO. What do you see?

4. Imagine you see some beings in the UFO. What do they look like?

5. Imagine the beings give you a physical examination. What is happening?

6. Imagine they give you a message. What does the message say, and how do you get it?

7. Imagine you return to where you sighted the UFO. How do you get there?

8. Imagine an aftermath. How were you affected by your abduction?


After these eight questions the subject was awakened. The volunteers were never deliberately cued and talked freely. The surprise came when the imaginary events described by these subjects showed no substantially differences from those related by the supposed real abductees. “All of the imaginary subjects”, says Lawson, “described typical CE-3 images and incidents, ranging from the obvious (disk-shaped craft) to the unusual (two alien types on a single UFO), to rare details of high strangeness (projecting/retracting light beams with cut-off details). The hundreds of similarities are too numerous and characteristic to be dismissed… Further, all six types of aliens commonly described by pre-1980s CE-3 witnesses appeared in just the first eight imaginary sessions: human, humanoid, animal, robot, exotic, and apparitional.”

Interesting detail: there were no descriptions of Grays among these entities. Strieber’s book “Communion” was only published in 1987 and went to sold over ten million copies worldwide. Of course, proponents of the physical reality of abduction encounters didn’t agree with the implied conclusions of Lawson’s study, suggesting eventual methodology errors in the protocol used. Nevertheless, Thomas Bullard, a sympathetic adherent of the hard reality of alien abductions, has this to say: “Picking at individual points may unravel the case for resemblances between real and imaginary abductions, but reading from full transcripts of the experimental sessions gives another, more disturbing impression…To many similarities appear in the transcripts for chance alone to explain.

“Imaginary cases thus pose a vexing question- how can non-abductees tell stories even broadly like those of real abductees?… Non-abductees have no experiences to draw on, no hidden memories to tap. How can they still imagine a good abduction? More to the point, how can the hypothesis of an objective abduction survive if anyone can tell the abduction story, no experience required?”





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