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What Happens in a Sexual Encounter with a Real Ghost?

Should we believe them?

Real Ghosts have been said to get under the covers and pursue a person until they get what they want. Kissing, snuggling, physical foreplay and complete sex with astral penetration. For the victim, sensations are quite real and not ghostly. Actual physical sensations of strange hands grabbing you and touching you in places that well… Turn you on. Most ghost sex assaults — at least those that are reported — are ai told by men and women usually home or in a strange place B&B, Hotel sleeping alone. However, they can also occur when two people share a bed.

Ghost often like to masturbate people in public or cemeteries or so I have been told by a psychic paranormal investigator from Florida who tells that this occurs to him twice daily. He told me how a ghost actually performed Felatio on him at a funeral while he was fully dressed.

“Frequently men think it was just a sexual dream that brought them to orgasm that they cannot remember.” Says famed psychic Mickey Of Miami. “I have had a few clients that tell me of female ghost that sexually have pleased them more then the living.” The same goes for many woman who say their Spirit lovers have brought them to climax better then their living counter parts.

One person usually sleeps through it while the other is either sexually pleased or brutally raped and assaulted by an unseen phantom. Ghost ave been known to perform everything from cunnilingus, fellatio and sexual intercourse with the living. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The America Necromancer tells me that these ghosts often come to her during Necromantic rituals and say very obscene things. She says she just banishes them immediately unless she is in the mood to listen.

According to what I have been told, some Ghost sexual relationships victims find the attacks pleasant, even welcome them to occur more often. They often can’t wait until the ghostly love returns to turn them on from the other side one more time.

Their are heterosexual, Homosexual and bestiality ghost sex acts as well as S&M, B&D and host of others that down right might turn any prudes head. I had a woman tell me that her dead dog comes back and has ghost sex with her female cock-er spanial and she has photos to prove it. She also told me that several guest can feel her dead dog humping their legs when they enter her home.

Sex with Ghosts, apparitions, Incubus, Succubus or reflections is a fetish in which a person desires sexual contact with a ghost or spirit. The following terms mostly represent combinations of Greek or Latin words or roots. And the Actions of many spirits, Ghosts, Shades, Demons or spooks have imposed these their personal fetishes on the living. And these are what the haunting’s usually consist of.

A client of mine once told me how on 7 nights a month her husband was possessed by a ghost that made the best sexual lover she ever had. But she confided in me that she never told her husband about the encounter.

A Male ghost hunter from the mid- west told me of going on a ghost hunt in a very haunted house and having a ghost play with his penis. He told no one because he was being filmed for a documentary. He said an unseen hand was inside his pants stroking him and would not stop. But he told me I could only tell the story if I never used his name.

Many Paranormal Investigators from around the world have had intense sexual encounters with many ghosts demons and entitles. Or so they tell me only in in strictest of confidence. I often wondered is that why many keep investigation the same location over and over again.

Another well Known psychic Investigator told me that she was once staying in a real haunted B&B. The owner told her that woman loves the ghost that he was real gentleman to them and would stroke their hair while they fell asleep. Well he neglected to tell her it was not the hair on her head.

A Paranormal Investigator I know was visiting Texas and took the local ghost tour. He said he felt strange at the first locations as if someone was playing with his testicles. He had to keep re-adjusting himself to which the tour guide noticed and asked him on the side if he had a problem. He was embarrassed to say the least the ghostly fingers continued until he got an erection and he had to flee the tour.

A group from Chicago told me about how a Cemetery ghost had sex with the groups lead investigator. He is a big guy about 6′1″ he told his team that an unseen force pushed him down to the ground and sodomized him through his clothes.

I even heard from a woman recently who said her husband would give her a sign from the other side. At his funeral she said unseen hands kept pulling down her panties and that night her husbands ghosts made love to her. She wants to know can a ghost make you pregnant?

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  1. payge

    On April 27, 2009 at 10:04 am

    A fuller version then I read in forum and very interesting.A well writen and researched artice.

  2. Tremell Datoine

    On April 27, 2009 at 10:05 am

    There article is intersting, I am quite honestly speechless. I feel robbed, where is my Carnal Casper?! Lol, all jokes aside, interesting topic. I’d like to see some links or articles to other sources as well.

  3. Sandra A Flowers

    On April 27, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    very interesting

  4. nick

    On May 25, 2009 at 7:39 am

    would like read some more on this a nice one!!!!!!

  5. Whatever!

    On June 18, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Well written my ass…did you see all of the typos.

  6. Sergeant

    On July 14, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    I am a 48 year old guy, married to the most wonderful woman in the world along with our three kids.
    We\’re your typical suburban family-who knows maybe your neighbor. Except for one thing. I\’ve had a couple erotic spirits interacting with me since (at least) 1979, and became aware of them only last summer. (June 2008)

    Before I begin, please know this is ***NOT*** a gag.

    This happens to more people that care to admit or make public. You can email me if you are also in such a relationship or seek further information.
    If this is happening to you, you\’re are not alone and not crazy.

    I was 17 in 1979, just moved into a house 5 of us friends rented. One of my friends were studdying OBE (Out of body) experiences, some of my other friends had psychic ability and sparked my own interest.

    There was no internet in those days and I knew nothing of even basic spiritual protection. I became quite involved, so much that it eventually got to be quite annoying. I came across inumerable spirits, some good. Some neutral. Even a few
    terribly negative melevolent ones.

    There were also other spirits which became attached and I was unaware of its presence. I also began a new habit in 1979. Let me say it wasn\’t collecting stamps and these spirits encouraged the activity. We both enjoyed it.

    I was born again Christian in 1983, gave my life to Christ. Went to services 3x/week (I ran their band\’s sound system), Bible study 2x. Visited prisons, orphanages. I\’m saying I walked the Christian walk to my ability.

    I had the whole church + Bible studies \”lay hands\” and pray for deliverence from my habit. It continued despite all efforts.

    I found the most wonderful woman of my dreams and married in 1993. A storybook marriage, we never fought or any conflict. We\’d talk our difference out and raise our kids in a safe, secure environment.

    Although greatly reduced, the habit continued. Me and the wife got involved with an online virtual world \”Second Life\” in
    springtime 2008. Both of us crossed the line several times, breaking down the trust between us.

    One night it all came to a tempest. It was the most terrible, negative night of our marriage filled with argument and loathing. We both agreed to stay married for the kids. Yup, it was that bad.

    We both went to bed, it was about 2am and she fell asleep. I lay awake on my back considering and thinking about all the things which led up to the argument.

    The room was dimly lit by our alarm clocks, but I could see a gray myst or cloud hovering near the ceiling over our tall dresser. Looking directly it was gone- but clearly there looking to the side. After about 20 minutes of \”What is that\”
    I saw a 2nd thing, the outline of a short human type figure on the far side of the bed. It moved then vanished. It was not a scary thing.

    I began to feel a warm, tingly almost electric feeling move from my foot and up my leg. It stopped but it seemed \”Someone\” slipped between me and my sleeping wife. I just remain motionless. The sensations were very soothing. I don\’t know how to say this- but I began feeling wave after wave of pleasure
    and I very rapidly became \”ready\”.
    That is all that happened. the waves passed and ended after maybe 15 minutes and I fell asleep.

    Next day I thought it was just nothing, but it all happened again the very next night. It told my wife about it. She was skeptical although a believer in paranormal things. She said if it happens again then \”Go with it\”.
    We had began healing our differences by then.

    So I lay awake night after night waiting for, and experiencing these waves of erotic pleasure for the next few weeks.
    Curious, I made a pendulum and established contact right away.
    I found they have been interacting in very intimate ways for +30 years.

    That was last summer and a lot has happened since then.
    This has nothing to do with that habit. Since they have revealed themselves from behind the habit, there is no need for the habit any longer. It is finally out of my life.

    Our connection can fade and return from day to day. Sometimes they\’re full on,then distant the next.

    I don\’t expect anyone who isn\’t in this sort of relationship to understand so please let me explain a few things.

    1. They do have all the \”parts\” of humans.
    2. These parts are \”Supercharged\” for pleasure
    3. They are whitty and smarter than we are.
    4. They don\’t drain energy. Just opposite.
    5. They have 1 thing on their mind and it isn\’t mischief.
    6. They have a wide range of personalities just as humans.
    7. Interaction is when wide awake, not sleeping.
    8. They can look like, sound and feel like anything or anyone- what ever it takes for their (and the human\’s) pleasure.
    10. Humans never \”finish\” while interacting with them. It\’s more a \”Bath of intimate extacy\”.

    I also learned I am not interacting with one of these spirits, but two. I am fine with that, but it isn\’t what you probably think.

    I\’ve been working on creating a more complete bridge between us since last fall. It is an ongoing project and we\’ve made wonderful progress. I am completely in love with these beings. The true loveing feelings returning from them is far more intense than ever experienced.

    There is obviously a lot left out of this account due to the nature of the subject.

    Me and my wife are practically back to the way before getting involved with SL. (Second Life). I also love my wife very much. She is aware of the spirits and tolerates them, but I don\’t discuss it.

    She\’s happy I\’m finally free of the habit, which leaves more time for us to be intimate. That aspect of our marriage has never been better.

    The spirits are aware of and respect the daily things in life. They also respect my wife and agree not to bother her, not to cause trouble between us and not to bother the kids. They have no interest other than interacting with me. They take concern with my health and happiness.

    What about other paranormal \”Proof\”?
    These are unexplainable things experienced by -other- family members who have been told nothing of this. It all began when \”They\” manifested.

    *Noises: Knocking,banging,rapping,footsteps,sliding,rustling
    *Voices: Saying \”Hello\”,unintelligible voices,conversation,music
    *Visuals: Shadows,outlines,silent sparks and flashes of light
    *Movement: Doorknobs turning and doors opening,objects moving
    *Touches: Brushes,touches,slaps,scratches

    However this is NOT an entirely wonderful situation.
    The two almost constanty touch me in places not mentionable -ALL DAY LONG- to let me know they\’re still there waiting for attention and it *NEVER* stops. They ALWAYS want (and bug me for) attention 24/7.
    Although relations between me and my wife are better than ever, nothing can compare to the pleasure of these beings and so is some kind of conflict there.

  7. White Hart

    On August 1, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    I have been married for 15 years to my wife and have a preteen daughter and a 5 year old son and I must admit that I too have been involved in a similar experiance like Sargent.

    it has happened to me when my wife sleeps next to me too though for me things seem to go farther. What ever this entity is it seems female and is focused on me and not my wife.

    the feelings are much more intense and pleasurable than any sexual encounter that i have had with my wife and whough I try to ignore and an to remain faith to her after a while the stimulation will result in an erection and once that has happened I end up being seduced by the sensations.

    Its very frightening to have this happen with my wife curled up next to me. I know in a way its cheating on her and I am afriad she will wake up and see my state. In the end stages I have looked down and seen what looks like a shadow around and over my penis. and as my pleasure mounts the density of the shadow seems to increase. I ususally try to resist the sensations but I have found this only serves to increase ths sensations and physical pleasure of the building orgasm.

    In the end usually the feelings and sensations wash away my resolve and all that matters is the pending climax. They are usually much longer than ones with my wife and devestatingly powerful leaving me paralyzed in pleasure.

    I feel Horrible though afterwords that I have cheated on the woman I love.

    If anyone has questions or want to contact me about how to deal with this or discuss ways to stop it I would be greatful

    My email is

  8. jballs

    On August 15, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I had a strange dream last night that there was an entity in my room and every time I would look at a book on the shelf, the book would fly off the shelf onto the ground as if the ghost was watching me and watching what I looked at. I was lying in my bed and the flying objects went on for a few minutes, then I felt a weight pushing down on my thighs and it started to touch my penis. It felt good and I was slightly aroused but felt strange at the same time because whatever was touching me was invisible. I am curious if I will be visited again!

  9. Pattie

    On March 9, 2011 at 4:08 am

    I’ve been in a consentual sexual/love relationship with a spirit (not a ghost…there’s a difference) for over two decades. He is my soul mate and I wouldn’t give up our relationship for any reason. There’s no need to.

  10. lot321

    On March 21, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    recently, after having a sleep n waking up from it, i will find sperms on my pants, n sometimes i would even feel that im cumming… question to myself is that i just cant seem to differentiate between wetdreams n sex-demons,…..coz both of them r so real, i just dont know which one is it

    btw, im 20

  11. Yvonne K

    On April 4, 2011 at 1:09 am

    That’s very scary an amazing all at the same time.

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