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Where are The Alien Bases on Earth?

For years, stories have circulated that the aliens, except that occasionally stop by to earth, have their bases deep below the surface. This time you can see overview of the locations where the "little green" have their sanctuaries, at least people say so.

Lake Erie

The very name of this location indicates that there is something creepy going on, and review of unusual occurrences was made from famous ufologist Carlos Clemente, who dealt with reports of UFO’s recorded in the vicinity of the lake over the past ten years.

UFO’s, paranormal activity, and fear, creeps people to go close to the lake. Confirmations from NASA and Air Force that they have nothing to do with that, have led some people to conclude that this place is ‘very busy’ because under the lake is an alien base. The negative aura of the place is attributed to the device which aliens supposedly use to discourage potential researchers.


The theory that aliens are in Hawaii was created in April 2011. because over the island was seen fleet of UFOs, who were like a hard working bees, but without sound, and going around the island and returning to base.

Small lights were also recorded on tape. On what are aliens interested in Hawaii is still not known. One theory says that due to tectonic activity in the region this can be key base in case of invasion. Strategic option will be to control tectonic processes because in such scenario that would be invaluable. Allegedly base is also used for the collection of organic and inorganic samples on which they learn and plan.

Loch Ness

The monster of Loch Ness is not the only unusual occurrence that was observed near the lake. Apparently there were seen alien spacecrafts. The frequency with which UFO’s patrol on that area indicates that base is close. Many times UFO was seen how dives into the lake, after which he disappeared without a trace.

Therefore, it is speculated that the base is in the lake, and that the alien presence influence on Nessie. Some think that the creature have genetic structure from another planet whose sole purpose is to adjust to life on Earth, and develop the immune system and antibodies required for survival, so that other aliens will be able to benefit in the form of vaccines. Others believe that aliens are studying Nessie, which is supposedly the oldest individual on earth, (perhaps in the universe?) and they try to fathom the secret of her longevity.

Volcano Parinacota

Volcano which is on the border of Bolivia and Peru reportedly is home of alien experiments where they have to do with biological weapons and the influence of weather conditions. Moreover, the locals say that under the vulcano are alien bases from which aircraft occasionally go out, but never coming back.

There is theory that there is a space port from which ships leave Earth, and there are ports that are used exclusively as a port for the aliens to come. Like other theories, this is difficult to prove because no one has dared to ‘dive’ under the volcano, but you can see snapshot of the aircraft here: [youtube=]


The most notorious place where aliens supposedly have their base is our natural satellite – moon. In some circles there is even a theory that the Moon is one big conspiracy, that it is not a natural satellite, and that aliens set it in orbit around the Earth, to ensure a fully equipped base near the Earth.

Other theories even suggest that on the Moon Nazis cooperate with the aliens on the extermination or ‘improving’ the human species. Judging by the stories which circulating about the moon, if there are alien bases, then this on the moon is far most dangerous. Just look at this video where you can see UFO: [youtube=!]

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