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Where is Magic?

Most people think of magic as supernatural experiences, levitation, invisibility, super strength, but I’m talking about a real magic, the draw of attraction of two people and the intoxicating effects it can have.

What is a relationship ?

[Two hearts beating together]

It starts as an awareness of someone around you, you would like to know this person better but you have never spoken to them before, or it has been so long will they even remember you? will they just laugh or say something quick and walk away? What potential exist here? Is it real or just in you mind ? Eventually, slowly you build up courage to speak, but what do you say ? how do you present yourself?… A simple Hello usually works best, a comment about the weather ? As you walk closer and approach you can feel your heart pounding in your chest you can feel the sweat drip off your face and the hair stand on the back of your neck.. or are you just imagining it all.. scarring yourself. You are so close now, continue or run away…the words are in your mind but will they come out of your mouth ? will you sound stupid, your mouth feels dry and your lips are parched (or quivering ?) time slows, as it always does for you in these situations, sound slowly starts coming out of your mouth… BUT then conversations starts, did you just speak ?, what was just said ? No. Was it a question. Now you are really scared what do you say next. You respond, “Hello, …” but did that make sense ?, was something said to me ? Then a thought comes to mind [Common interests, can you find something.. what ?] A remark about the weather falls out of your mouth while you are looking for something more substantial to say [Compliment something ? Nice Hair ? is it too early in the conversation.. My god what do I say ?].

A remark is made, probably concerning the news, or something both of you are aware of. Maybe it takes a couple of tries but eventually a miracle happens because you find something both of you can comment on. You can’t believe you have got this far, so many times the other has left walked away afraid ? Deciding not to talk to you, why ? and you’ve felt so empty inside.. but not this time. Now you are actively engaged in conversation but sometimes there are pauses neither of you speak, [Is something wrong, what should be said next ?] You try to think of something witty so say.. maybe to get the conversation restarted and the miracle repeats and you start talking again. Eventually, as time passes though, the conversation comes to an end…It was a good conversation you think to yourself but will I ever see the other again ? Should I ask – will I be rejected.. Maybe I should just leave thinks like this but No I would like to do this again, where to find the courage ?.

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