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Your Link to All Things Vampire

Are vampires your passion? Do you need your fix of vampire news, photos, and interviews, not to mention likeminded people? Look no longer! Here is a list of some of the best vampire sites on the Internet.

Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fanclub (ARVLF), the official fan club for the Vampire Lestat and the Vampire Chronicles. Also available on Facebook and Twitter, this site will give you information on The Annual Vampire Ball, as well as other events.

The official website for Anne Rice. Here you can find updates on her upcoming books, as well as links to her blog, Facebook and Youtube pages.

BBC’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Homepage. Though it hasn’t been updated in a long time, this place is a treasure chest full of picture galleries, star interviews, a huge episode guide, quizzes, quotes and more.

Being the official fansite for the books of The Twilight Saga, this site has a thriving community with thousands of members. Take a look at the discussion board, join a group or even take a look at whose birthday it is. A lot of the site’s features are only available to members.

The official fansite for the Twilight movie. The websites for the following sequels are and respectively.

The official website of Stephenie Meyer. Go here for a peek at her blog, bio, or some of the unique trivia about each of her books.

Do a search on your favourite vampire movie, tv-show, actor or character on The Internet Movie Database, and you’re bound to find interesting information, photos and video clips. 

If you like True Blood, then HBO’s Official True Blood Website is for you. There are plenty of fun things to look at, including actor interviews and recaps of each of the episodes. Easily navigated and well maintained.

Focuses on several fandoms like The Sookie Stackhouse series, True Blood, Moonlight, The Vampire Dairies and so on. Boasts a thriving news wall and is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

Warmly recommended. writes articles covering a wide range of vampiric subjects. Check out their store for some books, games, dvds and costumes.


Of course, this is just a small sample of what’s out there, but these are good places to start.


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