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10 Celebrities Who Smoke

A list of celebrities who smoke cigarettes.

Some celebrities are obvious about their smoking habits but others often hide it. This is totally their choice but it can be an intriguing question sometimes when you think which celebrities smoke. I actually think it interests a lot of us, mainly because we like to know practically everything about celebrities. So here are 10 celebrities who smoke:

1. Lily Allen

The singer from the UK has been widely open about smoking. She lit up on stage once during a gig. This is similar to what Lady Gaga was recently seen doing as well. Lily Allen has confessed to loving smoking. Also in 2009, Allen and friend Kate Moss were spotted on a yacht, looking as if they were smoking Marijuana, although this was not confirmed by either of the two women. There have also been numerous reports that Allen quit smoking due to asthma attacks.

2. Ashlee Simpson

Simpson is an American singer and an actress, as well as a dancer. Unlike Allen she likes to keep her smoking habits undercover and often pleads with photographers not to take pictures of her smoking. I suppose she is trying to be a role model??

3. Amy Winehouse

In case you have not heard of Amy Winehouse, she is a singer and songwriter from the UK. She is probably best known for her songs, Rehab, You Know I’m No Good and her cover of Valerie with Mark Ronson. She has issues with addictions, so it is not surprising that she smokes cigarettes. There have been rumours that she has physical health problems and that she should give up.

4. Colin Farrell

Farrell is an Irish actor, who has starred in well known films such as: Phone Booth, Miami Vice and The Recruit as well as others. He openly admits he chain- smokes and in my opinion at least he is honest!

Cover of Phone Booth [Blu-ray]

5. Orlando Bloom

He is an English actor, who has starred in The Lord Of The Rings, all of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films, amongst the most popular ones. According to reports he seems to stop and start a lot of the time, so sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t.

Cover via Amazon

6. P Diddy

His real name is Sean John Combs but uses the names Diddy, P Diddy as his stage name, and previously Puff Daddy. He is mainly a rapper but also has interests in producing and fashion. As for smoking, there has been no real evidence of him smoking but lots of rumours. I guess he is another one like Ashlee Simpson who wants to keep it under wraps. There has also been rumours of him smoking Marijuana. Going back to smoking cigarettes, his name also gives it away a little as well!

7. Daniel Radcliffe

You may very well be sat there thinking, Who? He is the British actor who plays Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series of films. Now they have finished filming those now, he will be moving on to other films, so watch out for him. He smokes in public and does not try to conceal it. He smokes a pack a day. There is also reports that he has smoked Marijuana as well, although he categorically denies this, but it did cause a bit of a media storm in the UK, with some front page newspapers calling him Harry Pothead.

8. Lady Gaga

The American singer makes no qualms about her smoking, pretty much like every thing else about her. There have been incidents where she has smoked on stage and has broken no smoking rules. I guess people can’t get everything right!

9. Simon Cowell

The music mogul is honest about his love for smoking. Between breaks on live television he will sneak out and have a cigarette. He has been spotted chain smoking and has also risked the wrath of the authorities by smoking in places with a no smoking rules.

10. Johnny Depp

Depp is a well known American actor who is probably best known for being Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean. He has also appeared in Finding Neverland, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Public Enemies, amongst others. He started smoking from the age of 12 and has since quit and started again. It is not clear whether he smokes at this moment in time.

I hope you have found this interesting. I might have to do another one on rumours about smoking Marijuana! but i guess this goes to show that it doesn’t matter whether you have tons of money if you smoke and it is personal choice.

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  1. JoeKL

    On June 27, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Wow! Daniel Radcliffe? Thats unbelievable, but quite amusing :P Nice article Emmie :)

  2. edwardjoy

    On June 27, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Nice one..

  3. suhail

    On June 27, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    where is my name here ?

  4. Rohit19

    On June 27, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I Think this should have been named ‘Top 10,000 Celebs That Smoke’.LOL

    Don’t worry Emmie we wouldn’t get that far down. So, for now 10 are enough.

  5. giftarist

    On June 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

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