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12 More Sexy Blonde Body Painted Ladies

Beautiful and artistic ladies.

Here is my list, with pictures, of some more beautiful and sexy body painted blonde ladies of the last few years.


1) An Ace Angel if I ever saw one!

2) Extreme body painting.

3) Body painted beauty personified.

4) A very super heroine indeed!

5) Simply lovely!

6) A nature lover.   And very lovely too.

7) Tyre tracks, but nothing tiring about this lovely lady.

8) A masked beauty!

9) Hope these lovely ladies aren’t too distracting for the male bike-riders?

10) A touch of Hallowe’en I think.   But still a beauty.

11) Three beautiful sisters.

12) Another nature lover.

And as a bonus, a bit of a blast from the past:

Hopefully you have enjoyed seeing these pix, as much as I have enjoyed preparing this item for you.   Happy February!


© Copyright 2011

Philip Roberts, Melbourne, Australia

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