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50 Interesting Facts About Jacques Cartier

A list of 50 facts about the French explorer who discovered Quebec.

1.      Born in St.Malo, France in 1491

2.      Parents were Jamet Cartier and Geseline Jansart

3.      He studied navigation in school

4.      Developed love of sailing at young age

5.      Married at 26, had no children

6.      Started out as a sailor

7.      Became more experienced and commandeered 2 ships

8.      King of France hired him to go on a trip to the east in 1534

9.      He was excited to go

10. Most important reason he was sent was because the king of France wanted to find new riches

11. He went along the St. Lawrence river and found the province of Quebec

12. In the province of Quebec, he discovered a Iroquois group

13. The tribe Cartier discovered was called the Saguenay

14. Cartier’s discovery made trading with natives possible

15. The two groups mainly dealt in fur, knives, guns, clothes and food

16. He documented his trip well because he was great at map drawing and note making

17. The land of Quebec was later claimed for the King of France

18. Before he left, he kidnapped 2 kids of the Iroquois to show them off in France

19. This discovery made other countries jealous and sparked wars

20. This was considered very cruel

21. The leader of the tribe, Donnacona, got quite mad

22. When Cartier got back, he was hailed as a hero

23. The king quickly sent him on his next trip to the east in the following year

24. The two kids could now speak French and guided Cartier’s crew

25. This time, he ventured deeper than before in to the unknown

26. He traded with a lot of people and ended up getting quite a fortune

27. He and his crew went all the way to Hochelaga (Montreal)

28. They couldn’t get an farther because they weren’t able to cross the St.Lawrence river

29. So he turned around and built a fort in Stadacona (Quebec City) and spent the winter there.

30. Unprepared for the winter, Cartier’s crew started dying of hypothermia, poor nutrition, and scurvy

31. In his notes, he stated “out of 110 men, not 10 were in good health”

32. Jacques Cartier begged the Natives to help

33. A tea made out of pine needles and cedar bark was prepared for the crew and they immediately began to feel better

34. This was because Vitamin C was replenished by drinking cedar tea

35. And as if he didn’t know who helped him, Cartier went back and captured 10 more Aboriginals, including Donnacona himself (I got mad reading this)

36. The whole trip took only a year and a half and when he returned, the King was happier then ever

37. The third trip Cartier took was aimed at converting the natives and to establish a permanent settlement

38. He went along with another explorer called Sieur de Roberval

39. When the two explorers landed, they supposedly found hundreds of tons of gold and diamonds

40. The two practically stuffed their ships to the brim with them

41. But it turned out both were quite worthless minerals, one quartz, the other pyrite

42. A settlement was established but later failed due to bad weather

43. Roberval and Cartier almost died on the way back because they had gotten lost

44. Because of these two bloopers, the French government didn’t sent another expedition for decades

45. But Cartier’s efforts were not in vain, due to the fact he charted a huge North American river and made contact with First Nations people while making a foundation for French occupation in the land

46. Jacques Cartier died in 1557

47. After retiring from exploring, he became a Portuguese interpreter

48. His two ships were called the “Grande Hermine” and the “Petite Hermine”

49. Canada was named as it is because the natives pronounced it “kanata” which Cartier interpreted to Canada

50. He was 66 when he died

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