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A Man’s Worth

A man’s worth is not measured by his wealth but by his beliefs. If he stands for what he believes in he is truly a man. And he then has worth.

We were put on this earth and labeled as mankind,
If this is true then all man should be like a kind.
We often look for differences within each other,
And reasons to hate one another.
When what we really should be doing is sticking together
And finding the likenesses in our fellow man.
Although I say this many people will not listen,
In fact I don’t intend for them to.
Simply because human nature gives a man the ability
To hear and listen to only what he wants.
If no one will listen to this message, I will not speak it aloud.
But for those who choose the listen will have gained knowledge.
And with that knowledge they will rise above all stereotypes
That the human race is known for.
They will be the one’s who show that mankind is not only a word,
But a lifestyle.
These hallowed few will join the likes of greats like those before them.
People will speak of their names as they do Martin Luther King Jr.,
Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, and other greats
Who also spoke this message and lived by it.
They are the epitome of this message and their spirit is within these words,
And their beliefs have never been forgotten.
The belief that man should love his fellow man and not focus on his
Differences but love him for his personality.
That does not only go for skin color but for many other stereotypes and
Prejudices among those.
Man against man is no way to live life but man in hand with man
Is the pathway to righteousness.
And it is because of those who think like this the world still has decent people
That break the stereotypes of the world and never falter under attack.
Their spirits will never be broken.
These are the revolutionaries who discovered the meaning of:
A Man’s Worth.

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