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Actress Namitha Dress Change in Caravan Movie

Tamil and Bollywood top actress Namitha dress change in Caravan Movie scandal and her latest interview.

Namitha is a talented south Indian actress and top hot actress of Tamil film industry who lives in downtown and is known for trend maker for women fashion and also successful in her modeling career. Here I am sharing her complete biography with you I will share the complete story of Namitha dress changing video with you in my later post.

Name: Namitha Caravan

Asterisk: Fish 

Location: I live in downtown India

Eye Color: Brown 

Hair color: Dark brown. 

Bra size: 36 

Where have we seen you: Probably behind the bar in the neighborhood or maybe in magazines or fashion show or simply dancing in Bollywood movies. 

Place of work:  Tamil film industry 

I practice: in yoga and dance. 

Like most: Water quite clearly. 

My favorite clubs: in fact no favorite but you can see all of East. 

The most beautiful person in the world: Have Namitha. 

Favorite Actor: Katrina Kaif. 

Best fast food: Burger from KFC 

The best Indian show: Bollywood sex show 

Best radio station: India FM

I go to sleep: pajamas or underwear. 

I feel best when: I am sad and happy. 

Favorite Models time: All time favorite. 

Favorite Photographer: David 

just because I am awesome: because I am always ready to try something new. 

Motto: Prove my dress changing video is fake. 

True Life: domestic life

Favorite website:

Liked it
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