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Actress Namitha Without Dress Exercise Secrets

Indian actress Namitha is telling about her health fitness secrets and her daily exercise and food.

Actress Namitha top model for the products of radiation and health is on worldwide desperately envious of her body as her love with the beautiful look. There was therefore no surprise that she should show fewer clothes and shrunk when she was on vacation on Dubai beaches. Also keep in mind that she is the only actress belongs to India who get ranked in Chickipedia top 100 most wanted women for the year 2010.

Today puts Namitha who is 37 years old, much out of it to be in the form. The truth is that before she starred in the movie Blue Tamil club had never practiced. In an interview with Self Magazine she let him have it after it has been quite an experience for her new move.

While the master was required was that we sang. It was a totally new experience for me. Now I know how you really feel when you exercise and I will not be without it. Namitha practice both in and carries her Pilate’s exercises. Unlike other stars she is afraid to admit that food is a great favorite with her.  Food gives me great pleasure. I love to eat and to cook food. And I find few things more fun than to give people to eat. My body is in the best condition when I eat regularly. I must admit that I did not eat a varied diet but I choose to eat normal food.

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