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Arnold Schwarzenneger Scandal

Mr. universe turned action star turned governor cheats on his wife, Maria Shriver.

For over 30 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name has been a household name, from his phenomenal physique and marrying a Kennedy to his role as the terminator and becoming governor of California.

Recently, he revealed that he cheated with his maid of 20 years, Mildred Baena, and fathered her 14 year old son. In fact, his love child was born 5 days after his last son with Maria Shriver was born which begs the question: Did he have sex with his maid days after having sex with his wife. (I would call it sex or make love but I doubt the governator knows what that is). He put down $60,000 as as down payment on a $238,000 home for Mildred and her son.

His confession comes shortly after his term as governor ended and is supposedly a result of the fact that he was tired of the deception. This, of course may come as a disappointment for some, but in all honesty, after the rumors of Arnold’s love for groping, this scandal is kind of expected.

Without trying to belittle to the seriousness of the news, and the pain Maria is going through, one has to wonder how a wife did not notice anything out of the ordinary like the fact that her husband brought their maid on their vacation. Mildred’s family members admit to asking about the possibility of Arnold being the father but always getting a denial from her.  Her ex-husband said he was unaware that he was not the father of the boy and in his mind, he is the father.

Some people speculate that the push for a divorce after standing by though groping allegations it is a grab for money. Under California law, a divorce will result in a 50:50 split of the couples net worth. Maria is worth about $100 million and Arnold about $300 million so Maria stands to gain a lot while Arnold can only lose.

While it is doubtful that this scandal will affect Arnold’s return to Hollywood (many actors, politicians, and Kennedy’s have a hard time understanding “faithfulness”), it will leave a mark on him, his wife and most importantly, his children who will have to accept the fact that their doting father cheated on their mother.

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