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Berry Gordy: Ex-wives

After Death The Truth Will Come.

Except for Raymona Singleton, who wrote a book about Berry Gordy, we don’t see many of his former mistresses and ex-wives authoring stories about their business of life together. I admit it will eventually happen once he has passed away.

Except for those within Motown, Miss Singleton ,was one of the first to expose Gordy and  Diana Ross having a child together, before they went public with it years later. She talked about it on Geraldo,  when he was in syndication in the early eighties.

As days, months went by without a slander, libel lawsuit forthcoming, I realize that she was speaking the truth, but than, she use to be a mistress/lover/wife around the time Gordy, was writing for Jackie Wilson, and have a child by him, but wasn’t afraid to spill dirt on him. Should she have place herself on a good back ground pedestal? Not really, but she did what others won’t at the presence.

We know the children will defend his image by claiming what he accomplished, by bringing so many to success and that should be expected. But for every good their always some  bad in the mixture of business that any business personnel is aware.

In most pictures that center around the groups on Motown, that have been made has portrayed Gordy, in a positive and that’s not completely true according to certain elements. Some wonders since his top level  beautiful and bright former executive Suzanne De Passe, who produce most of these artist stories(The Temptations and Jackson Five) might have been involved with Gordy, at anytime since she’s the one he chose to sell Motown Production too.

A image is only what presented before you and most of them be hiding a major truth.

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