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Bollywood Hot Actress Sushmita Sen Nip Slip

Sushmita Sen is one of the most popular and hot actress of Indian film industry Bollywood. She was won Miss World competition before entered into film industry.

Sushmita Sen also has a family and seems to enjoy the balance of the traditional family unit and a glamorous life of parties at the Playboy Mansion, red-carpet events throughout India and racy photo shoots including her most scandalous nip slip photo and videos. This beautiful Bollywood actress blogs, she gives young aspiring star lets advice, she Grab headlines.

The height of Sushmita Sen climb into the media spotlight in India was smack in the middle of our recent economic boom. In my opinion, this is not so much a coincidence as it is a Reflection of the cultural evolution during those times from the old India to the new. We went from a predominantly working class nation of talented actors and actresses and Farmers to hard core capital lists in no time. Sushmita Sen love the self made ethic and are the epitome of a self made woman. Business wise and driven, this lady makes no excuses for her reign as the blond hot symbol of India!

Her notoriety is based not only on her sexy looks and demeanor, but seems to be based on where you stand on sexual politics and ideas about women’s place in the modern day society. Some aspire to be like her, others are angered by her.

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