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British News Commentary – 16

British people have a poor taste in eagerly seeking private photos of royal family members. The publication of topless photos of Kate depict the British people in poor taste. Tom Holland is lucky as the ire of Muslims has turned against American ambassadors instead of him. In British, even school girls are photographed inside toilets and changing rooms. What a shameful act it is. Driving away Indian students out of British will earn the nation a bad name and a huge revenue loss. British PM David Cameron is following the footsteps of Karunanidhi.

Irish Daily Publishes Topless Photos of British Royal Family Member

Irish tabloid Irish Daily Star has published the topless pictures of Kate who is Prince William’s wife. The photos first appeared first in a French magazine. Royal Family has condemned this act but other than condemnation, they cannot do much. British people are mad about intruding the privacy of the Royal Family members. Media chases these members and particularly the womenfolk wherever they visit. British people have very poor taste for opting to read these kinds of matters. In India, the media does not chase women members of royal families of VIPs. Newspapers and tabloids in India are responsible and do not publish any topless photo of a public figure (cine actresses are a different category altogether as they willingly pose themselves in any form for publicity and glamour). Even if some underground media publishes such photos, the public does not patronise such tabloids and ignore them. Britain has to learn right lessons from India in this regard.

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Tom Holland Is Lucky

A Channel 4 documentary on origins of Islam sparked a row sometimes back. The documentary was given the title ‘Islam: The Untold Story’. Its producer Tom Holland received rebukes and criticism from Islamic circles. Security fears were raised. He was accused of basing his film on baseless assumptions. Luckily for Tom Holland, the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ has been released by Hollywood and has evoked on attacks against American ambassadors throughout the world. It seems Tom Holland has been forgotten by many Muslims.

School Girls Are Photographed In Toilets and Changing Rooms

One lakh spy cameras have been installed in 200 schools in Britain. Kids are under watch even if they go to the toilet. In the name of controlling vandalism, violence and theft, one camera watches about five students in every school. CCTV surveillance has been installed in all places in schools including classrooms, playgrounds, changing rooms and toilets. This has provoked anger and outrage among Britons. In British schools, girl students may be photographed and watched by the male management when they are in toilets and changing rooms. These photographs could even be sold to interested parties at a fancy price. From breaking privacy of the Royal Family members particularly women, Britain has stooped to such a low level to break the privacy of school girls.

British Move Backfires

Indian students who are stranded due to cancellation of licence to London Metropolitan University are being offered financial assistance to the extent of 2 million pound sterling. The academic future of over 350 Indian students is under a question mark. But this small pie doled out as a charity will not erase the bad name Britain has already earned among the non-European Union foreign student community. Foreign students are contributing ten billion pound sterling to the British economy every year. Now Britain will lose this valuable sum at a time when its economy is slipping into recession.

Cameron Following the Footsteps of Karunanidhi

British parliament is likely to shift to Olympic Park. Probably the British Prime Minister Cameron is following the footsteps of the discredited former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi who was fond of shifting buildings. He built a new assembly building at a huge cost. It was alleged that Karunanidhi earned a lot through bribery by doling out the contract to build this new assembly to his favourites. Already Cameron is suspected to have collected cash through his aide for granting private meetings and dinner. It seems Cameron and Karunanidhi are the two sides of the same coin.

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