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Canada’s Top 10 Supermodels

Modeling and fashion make up a multi-million dollar industry which attracts the prettiest of women from all around the world. Here are some of those women who happen to come from Canada.

Many fashion models and supermodels have made millions as well as made their mark on the industry. Fashion shows and the models that work the shows bring in the elite crowds and make the designers millions of dollars each and every year in hopes to be the next top supermodel. This got me thinking the other day on how many of these famous or successful female models came from Canada. So I gathered only 10 of what I thought to be either the most famous or successful models from Canada and brought them together here. Enjoy!!

  1. Linda Evangelista

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    Born May 10, 1965 in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Linda always had a interest in becoming a famous model and worked hard to get to where she is today. At the young age of only 13, she had won the 1978 “Miss Teen Niagara” and was discovered by a scout from Elite Model Management. By age 13, Linda had signed to a Toronto modelling company and at age 16 signed with Elite Modelling in New York. Over the years Linda has been regarded as one of the few true supermodels that changed the face of fashion in the late 1980`s and early 90`s.

    After all between 1988 to 1996 she can be credited to starting about 11 different hair styles that where very popular. Also Linda was the founder of the supermodel union along with 3 other supermodels which brought new standards and rules making better working conditions and pay for the models. In her modelling career to date Linda has been in over 63 various advertisements, been on the cover of 68 magazines and easily been in over 15 fashion shows through out the years. For all of her accomplishments and the changes she made in the modelling industry, Linda Evangelista will always be in my mind one of “Canada’s Top Models”.

  2. Meghan Collison

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    Born February 3, 1989 in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, lived a girl named “Meghan” who had big dreams. She’s a newbie to the modelling scene and according to they proclaim her to be one of the “Top 10 Newcomers” in New York. She was only discovered back around 05/2006 at a local mall model search, but after turning 18 she had decided to move to New York and has done fashion shows and advertisements for prominent fashion designers ever since.

    She’s appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia 2007 twice, Vogue Russia 2008, Fashion Canada 2007 and Neo2 as well as been in 7 fashion campaigns. Meghan might be new to the whole modelling scene but never the less she’s quickly rising to the top of the model industry which makes her one of “Canada’s Top Models”.

  3. Shalom Harlow

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    Born December 5, 1973 in the city of Oshawa, Ontario. Shalom was a energetic girl with dreams of becoming successful in whatever she chose to do. Although modelling wasn’t her first decision it was what she ended up falling into. Her whole modelling career started when she was discovered at a “Cure” concert in Toronto by Anne Sutherland. She has worked for famous modelling agencies like Elite Modelling “NY”, Riccardo Gay Model Management, Select Model Management, IMG Models NY/Paris/London and Milan.

    Since starting in the industry Shalom has had many successes. She’s appeared in 14 movies, 3 TV series, about 46 advertisements, been on 39 magazine covers and has done about 16 fashion shows through the years. She also ended up in 1996 taking over being the host of the “MTV House Of Style” from Cindy Crawford. Finally in July 2007, Shalom had earned an estimated $2 million in 12 months and Forbes named her 13 th in the list of the “World’s 15 Top Earning Supermodels”.

  4. Ehrinn Cummings

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    Born March 14, 1981 in Montreal, Quebec. Ehrinn is another Canadian model newbie to the game. She was discovered back in 1998 at a local coffee shop at the age of 17. Her first real job was an advertisement for shampoo which eventually launched her and her career into the fashion world industry. After seeing this shampoo advertisement a New York modelling agent scooped her up quickly. Only a year later Ehrinn went on to work for Gucci in Paris, then a year after that signed with Karin Agency which led to ads in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Jane.

    Although her career has been short and is only starting off, Ehrinn has already been in over 11advertisements, on 3 magazine covers, a few fashion shows and has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2002. So far she has been very successful in the industry and can only get better with time, but because of her accomplishments in so little time I think Ehrinn is one of “Canada’s Top Models”.

  5. Estella Warren

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    Estella was born December 23 rd , 1978 in the city of Peterborough, Ontario. She started out as a world class synchronized swimmer at the age of only 12 but soon after was discovered by a talent agent during a fashion show at her high school. The talent agent was so impressed with Warren, that she sent a Polaroid picture to her New York agency which started out her whole modelling career. Warren as been in various magazines and commercials, some were Sports Illustrated, Snoeck 2000, Vogue, Vanity Fair as well as 2 commercials for Chanel 5 perfume and commercials for Samsung.

    She also has been in many ad campaigns for high end companies such as De Beers, Victoria Secret, Volvo, Cartier and many others. Warren has worked for Elite Model “NY”, Fotogen Model Agency, Select Model Management, Yuli Models and Elite Model “Milan”. Estella still models and even in November 2007 was an entry in Stuff Magazine’s 2006-2007 pin up calendar girl. Her career although short is extensive with already appearing in over 20 advertisements, over 32 magazine covers and over 20 fashion shows, there is no stopping Estella from being one of the World’s top models.

  6. Mei-Yin Lloyd

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    Lloyd was born November 6, 1978 in Toronto, Ontario and originally started out in the modelling industry as a agent/booker. She has booked advertising campaigns for Molson Canadian, Levi’s, Versace and Mini Cooper. Lloyd only started modelling when some of her clients insisted that she model for them, and with that her modelling career took off. Even though she’s still fairly new to the modelling world, Lloyd has already been featured on billboards, print ads and TV commercials across Asia, Europe and the Americans.

    Many of the TV commercials she featured in where for McDonald’s, Alexander Keith’s Beer, Wal-Mart and the May Company. Lloyd has also been in many music videos and has worked as a model all over Toronto, New York, Miami and Hong Kong. In my eyes because of her accomplishments in such a short period, she deserves to be known as one of Canada’s Top Models.

  7. Tricia Helfer

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    Helfer was born April 11 th , 1974 in Alberta, Canada. Although she never actually planned to be a model, as fate would have it she was discovered by modelling scout “Kelly Streit” while standing in line at a local movie theatre at age 17. Only a year later in 1992, she won Ford Models “Supermodel Of the World” contest and was signed to Elite Model Management. Soon after signing she appeared in ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Giorgio Armani and also appeared on the covers of Flare, Amica, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Vogue and many other magazines.

    Helfer success isn’t all due to her modelling career, she’s also been a regular on the popular TV series “Battle Star Galactica” which in 2006 she won the Leo Award for best lead performance by a female in a dramatic series. On top of that she has also appeared in over 16 movies and other TV series. In 2007, Helfer was ranked 5 on the Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of the Year list and also posed topless for playboy the same year. Through out the years she has worked for a various top modelling companies some of which are Elite Model “NY”, T Model Management, Mode Models, and is now currently signed to Trump Model Managements.

  8. Coco Rocha

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    Rocha was born in Toronto, Ontario on September 10, 1988 but her family moved to Richmond B.C shortly after her birth. Growing up she showed a real talent for Canadian Irish Dancing and pursed it for much of her childhood. Rocha never planned on being a model but at the age of 14 in 2002 she was discovered by a modelling agent when competing in an Irish dancing competition.

    She has worked for Elite Model “NY”, Storm Models, SMG-Seattle Model Guild, Marilyn Agency, Why Not Model Agency, Scan Elite, Ave Management, Elite Model “LA”, FMI Models “Shanghi”, and Charles Stuart Agency all in the 6 years she’s been modelling. In her short career she has already been on the covers of over 15 magazines, been in over 15 advertisements and 8 fashion shows. Coco Rocha is one Canada’s fastest rising Supermodels and will always be one of our countries top models.

  9. Heather Marks

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    Marks was born in Calgary, Alberta on July 25, 1988. From a young age it was a dream of hers to become a supermodel and with that she worked as hard as she could to get noticed. Finally after years of shows and competitions and only 12 years old, Marks was finally discovered at the Calgary Woman’s Show and shortly after that she won the Mode Models “Model Search”.

    She is best known in the fashion world for her big eyes and “Doll Like” features. So far in her in 8 years of modelling she has worked for Louisa Models, Supreme, Fotogen Model Agency, Why Not Model, Select Model Management, Mode Models “Portland/Calgary/Edmonton”, Giovanni Model Agency, My Model Management and many others. Marks is another fast rising model that’s already been in over 18 advertisements, on 11 magazine covers and been in 13 fashion shows if not more and recently modelled for Miss Sixty fall 2007. There is no question in my mind that Heather Marks is another of Canada’s top supermodels.

  10. Jessica Stam

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    Finally we have Jessica Stam who was born April 23 rd , 1986 in Kincardine, Ontario. Growing up on a farm as a teen, the thought of being a model never actually crossed the mind of Stam but instead she had hopes of becoming a dentist. Well destiny had other plans for her as she would find out. One day the family was on their way back from a day trip to Canada’s Wonderland, when they stopped at a Tim Horton’s for a bathroom break. This is where Stam was discovered standing in line by modelling scout “Michele Miller” of International Model Management in Barrie, Ontario.

    After that photographer “Steven Meisel” used the 16 year old in every one of his ad campaigns of his. Stam then went on to win the Los Angeles Model Look Search in 2002. Through out her 7 year career she has already worked for such agencies as International Model Management, IMG “London/Milan/NY/Paris”, My Model Management, Giovanni Model Management, Bravo Models, View Management and Why Not Model Agency. Stam has been in over 30 advertisements altogether, on 22 magazine covers and in over 15 fashion shows. She has accomplished an astonishing amount in such a short period of time and this to me makes Jessica Stam another one of Canada’s top models.

There are many more Canadian female supermodels that have accomplished the same as these 10 girls if not more but to me these are the 10 supermodels in my mind that are Canada’s Top Models.

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