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Celebrity Advertising

A few thoughts on advertising.

Every day on the television and magazines, radio or whtever.We are under siege from advertisers. Yes i do understand that to sell a product then it must be advertised, although not in every case. There are the exceptions that take hold by word of mouth ,by recomendation, by social websites etc.All well and good I hear you say but what about television advertising.

Increasingly on television adverts the compaies use jobbing actors to make us believe that it is real people.Im sorry it doesnt work.One can tell that its actors playing a role as more than once you see the same ones appearing in more than one advert.I really dislike celebrities selling product. Come on we all now that they are paid for their work and are given the product or service for free. If I was given goods for free then you bet I would endorse that product or service. Why do the manufacturers thibj that because a celebrity endorses a product, then it must be better than anyother.I have my doubts.

Most advertising is not accuratly true, food is doctored to look presentable, actors are seen taking a spoon out their mouth, come on we all now that it is an empty spoon, no traces of food are seen on the spoon. Perfume adverts are a real bugbear, they are made like mini epics, so pretentious , so egocentric so much nonsense.

All we want from adverts are the product or service with the features of the product and the benefits to the consumer of said product. In other words basic sales techniques.I have used these techniques all my life and always sold what i was representing. they werent products ever seen in television adverts or magazine adverts.But they sold, because they were sold honestly to the retailer.

Liked it
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