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Challenges of Being Left-handed

I am a Left-handed person. Let me share you real-life experiences of being one.

When I start writing, I notice people staring at my left-hand, the hand I use to write.
When I start eating, I notice people staring at my left-hand, the hand that handles my spoon.
When I start performing other activities that involve the hands, it is really a mystery to someother people.

I am truly proud of being left-handed but it is quite a burden being one. I usually hear criticisms targeting our being left-handedness. Certain people directly ask me while I am writing,”Are you left-handed?”. This question gives me the feeling of being different from the crowd.

How things are created is also an issue for us. Since most people in the world are right-handed, then things are intended for the right-handed people. We have difficulties in cutting using scissors since it is created for the comfort of the right-handed people when cutting. Where door knobs are located on the door is for the benefit of the right-handed people as well. Notebooks with springs are a no-no to us, it is really a pain in our left hand.

When we were kids, learning the english alphabet was a big challenge for us. Since we’re using the right phase of the brain, we easily get confused with ’s’ to ‘z’ and ‘d’ to ‘b’. We often interchange the pairing. For example, the word ‘dog’. We read it as ‘bog’. Another is the word ’son’. We read it as ‘zon’. In an early age, we were able to accomplish a very good task, and that is to distinguish ’s’ from ‘z’ and ‘d’ from ‘b’.

Yes, there may be criticisms and challenges but we still are able to overcome them. In fact, alot of Left-Handed people have established their names in various industries and be recognized around the world as well as making history.

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