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Comic Review T B Grover Judge Dredd Nosferatu

Nosferatu doesn’t usually have eight legs.

Comic Review T B Grover Judge Dredd Nosferatu 1995 2000 AD


Spoiler alerts

The title disappoints, as this is not a story pitching the great Judge Dredd against the vampire prototype to the cinematic Dracula.


The Nosferatu here is a viscous shape changing spider monster from another World.

Disguised as various humans, the Nosferatu drains his victims of their entire solid body mass, reducing he to husks of empty skin.

Nosferatu is smart. He keeps a few victims alive, as hypnotic slaves, and even takes complete control of a MegaCity One Judge.

Dredd proves to be a smart pursuit officer, gaining help from a team of intergalactic sniffer dogs from he Nosferatu’s home world, but even if he beats the spider-monster, can he save the hypnotised victims or are they doomed now no matter what?


Though the spider creature has a few vampiric characteristics, this is a straight forward superficial monster on the rampage and the Judges taking whatever steps necessary tale covered in so many Dredd stories already.

Arthur Chappell

Liked it
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