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Cory Aquino

The first woman president of the Republic of the Philippines.

She is recognized by history as the First Woman President of the Republic of the Philippines after the ouster of a dictator. She is known as the mother of a controversial celebrity host and a prolific solon. She was a wife and a confidante to a martyr turned hero. She is Corazon “Cory” Aquino… the epitome of a strong lady.

The history of the Filipino people would never have taken back its grandeur without her courage to oppose a very notorious political figure. She eventually rose to power and exemplified honest and clean governance. Some attempted to overthrow her administration through coup d’état but their effort turned to futility with the government’s victory.

After her tenure as the chief executive of the country, she had managed to exit with grace and untainted name and dignity. The expiration of her term did not prevent people from keeping her involved. Her stands on certain issues that beset the country were most sought after. This continued for years but was brought to a halt when cancer loomed her health which shocked the whole nation.

The menace has brought her physical exhaustion and decline but her spirit has remained to be undaunted and adamant. She managed to be strong despite the grueling battle she has with cancer.

Truly, she is an epitome of a lady worthy of emulation not just because she once served as our President but because of who she simply is. We just hope that she gets back the smile she wore during her heydays.

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