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Desi Punjabi Girls in Canada and UK

Pakistani Punjabi girls or Indian Punjabi girls are so cute and beautiful as compared with other girls of both countries.

By population Punjab in India and Pakistan are the biggest provinces in both countries. Culture of both Punjab provinces is somewhat same. People are used to speak Punjabi, there are several newspapers and TV channels are also available in Punjabi language. People are mostly related to agriculture and this soil of both countries almost producing the food for the rest of countries.

Punjabi women are also helping their men in fields and also look after the whole family. Punjabi girls are taking high education now days from various national and international educational institutes. The recent president of India is also from the Punjab province. Punjabi people are very loving and giving a great respect to their guests. Punjabi bhangra songs and unique steps for this dance are world famous.

After the part ion of Pakistan and India, so many Punjabi families were migrated to England and Canada and still living there. These people are still connected to their mother land; this is the reason that these Punjabi families are like to import a handsome guy from Indian or Pakistani Punjab for their Desi Punjabi girls. These girls are living an ultra modern life there. Some of he hot Punjabi girls there are used to go disco clubs and also don’t hesitate to take drinks.

If you re looking for a cute and beautiful Punjabi girl, be aware from her other activities, it my cause some disturbance in your future. All five fingers are not equal, so best of luck if you are serious to get marry with some Punjabi girl.

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