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Different Ways to Enjoy Retirement Life

We need to plan our life when we retire, as it will be totally new and different from what we had. By saving enough money for ourselves, we will be able to enjoy retirement life.

Here are the many ways  we need to do to  enjoy  retirement life:

·      First and foremost, always be grateful for the long life that God has given us

·      Secure life insurance, pension plan and other social security plans 

·      Secure proper health care plans for yourself as old age is linked with health problems

·      Always think  positive in everything you do

·      Practice your passion;  like painting,  singing, dancing, gardening, writing, etc.

·      Practice healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, eat right kinds of food, sleep early

·      Write an article or book  and share your experiences which will be helpful to others

·      Read books that has been your interest for the past many years

·      Read magazines for the elderly as this will help you

·      Travel to the places that you have long dreamed of

·       Explore life in nature;  a walk in the forest, mountains, beaches

·      Practice your religion;  meditate and contemplate

·      Volunteer in the church and community works

·      Find pleasure in teaching street children from impoverished areas the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic

·      Be an active member of  community organizations like Senior Citizens Group, Gardening Club, etc.

·      Bond with your family and long lost friends

·      Bond with your grandchildren, watch them grow and help them learn about life.  But don’t assume  the responsibility of raising them up.

·      Learn how to use computer and other electronic gadgets, so you can connect with your children who are far and away

·      Stay in a more relaxed environment so you become healthier and happier

·      You may choose to work on a part-time or on consultancy basis only, as long as it is no longer stressful

·      Earn extra income by setting up a small business that will keep you busy

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