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Download Aarti Gupta Blue Film Video

Aarti Gupta is a famous Indian model who get popularity by her film miss Jammu Anara Gupta movie.

The stars in Bollywood rarely go out of the house. If they do so they hide behind the giant black sunglasses. Aarti Gupta is known to look particularly good. Of course important to eat healthy meals and exercising to look great but fortune sets usually always the point of idly.

Aarti Gupta has been constantly in the media spotlight the past few weeks due to promotional film her blue film scandal. Her hot teacher Anara Gupta has seen the appearance of Aarti Gupta during a presentation of the blue film in progress and has followed it with every footprint. Anara used channel products to highlight ficklest looks Aarti Gupta missed.

Aarti Gupta important to use a good foundation and first she put sublimate serum from channel on her face. After the assessment visit carried lumber fled in the face. She is natural and gives your skin glow after it was over with the sun dupe powder from channel.

It is important that the eyes are properly painted. Angela Levin used collection the color this platform is in natural colors and totally in the spirit of Aarti Gupta. She started to light brown color on the eyelid before she made the eye-line line by wet dark brown lens.

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