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Football and Charity Sponsored by Children’s Hospital

Help and outstanding athlete raise money for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

My good friend and fellow football player Javar Tucker has asked for my help in his donations to charity. He is an outstanding football player and overall person. It is his senior year and he’s won the Lineman of the Year Football East Division of Wisconsin. As a result of winning the award he’s been asked to play in the Wisconsin All Star Football game. He’s required to raise money for eligibility into the game. Please help this young mans hard work and determination pay off.

When you donate the proceeds will go to the Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin. You’re donations could save lives and it’s for an extremely worthy cause. When you donate you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Donations will help this young man play the game he loves at the next level and you’re helping Children’s Hospital. Over $900,000 has been raised through this event  and it’s a nonprofit organization. 

I personally and many others believe Javar deserves to play in this game due to all his hard work.

What I’m asking everyone who sees this to pitch in even if it’s just a little. It doesn’t have to be much because everything counts.

If you’ve read this article thank you for spending some of your time.

If you have donated please leave a comment on the page below and Thank You.

Javar’s Donation page

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