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Forces to be Reckoned with

Beyonce Versus Rihanna.

I’m sure many articles have been done like this before.  However, yesterday I was listening to music and I came across an older picture of Rihanna.  I remember when she first came out and her single S.O.S, I remembered thinking to myself man they are trying to make another Beyonce.  She had the long light brown hair and light eyes and I just thought Rocafella Records (Jay-Z) was following them same superstar recipe that created his very talented and successful wife Beyonce Knowles. 

Since then Rihanna has branched out into her own and created her own style, so much so, that she has her own reality show named Styled to Rock.  However, the question still remains who is bigger in tinsel town these days.  Is it Queen B or ROC Nation Princess Rihanna? 

Both ladies have created such massive empires full of fashion lines, fragrances, and endorsements galore.  Both ladies are ambitious and find tons of ways to stay in the limelight, but who is the most talented.  Beyonce has more of a powerful voice and Rihanna’s has more of a unique sound.  My personal preference is Beyonce.  However, I don’t think it’s because of her sound. Beyonce has this humble vibe regardless of all her success that makes her more appealing.  Rihanna has a sweet side as well.  I enjoyed her interview with Oprah, however sometimes, to me she comes off as illegitimate or as if she’s playing a role.  Regardless, she puts out hits that enjoy and sometimes put on repeat in my car, for example Stay, Rude Boy, Rehab, and Disturbia, just to name a few. Beyonce as a list several miles long of hits that are sure to be classics for example Halo, Listen, Crazy in Love, Dangerously in Love, Love on Top, and I could go on and on.

Whoever your favorite is you have to admit that both women are fierce and forces to be reckoned with.      

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