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Goodbye Amy Winehouse (A Tribute)

British singer Amy Winehouse died alone, in her home at just 27 years old. This article refers to a "warning" of her fatal outcome, just a fortnight earlier in a tabloid newspaper as well as paying tribute to a gifted singer/songwriter with an even bigger character.


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So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes?
Bright as stars that shine up above you
In the clear blue sky, how I worry bout you
Just can’t live my life without you
Baby come here, don’t have no fear
Oh, is there wonder why
I’m really feeling in the mood for love


“Moody’s Mood For Love” FRANK Island Records 2003


The Sun newspaper reported that Amy Winehouse was drinking herself to death on July 9th 2011, amid fears from her ‘worried friends’. A source told the newspaper that “Amy is constantly out of control on vodka … drinking herself into oblivion”. I published an article, The Press, This Week, here on Triond in which I made a comment expressing my view of Amy’s ‘reported’ situation… A fortnight later, 23rd July 2011, she was found dead by her bodyguard, at her home in Camden, London. Instantly rumours spread like wildfire, that she’d died from a drug overdose. Yet her family and partner, Reg Traviss, insist she’d been free of drugs for three years and had stopped drinking weeks before her untimely death. An inquest has been opened and adjourned until around for weeks as to what actually killed her. For now, the cause of death is unknown.

I’m not a big Amy fan, but I largely respect and admire her talent. Miss Winehouse came to my attention at a MOBO awards ceremony, shortly after the release of her debut album ‘FRANK’ in 2003. Amy had a powerful voice and was a great songwriter, reflecting on our generation. Her second album ‘Back To Black’ 2006 (Island Records) turned her into a superstar, defining the ‘torn by love’ character she became in the public eye. A third ‘comeback’ album was in progress at the time of her passing and she left more than enough material for a CD to be released in her honour. However, it’s an absolute shame its success will now be because of her tragic demise and her iconism instead of being a success because she got through the Blake years, the drugs and was still able to produce quality music. Only 27, her music travelled far and wide across the world, deep and low into the souls of the many fans who listened to her.

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