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Hollywood Celebrities Without Clothes

In the new year night at New York many Hollywood stars including actors and actresses were noticed without cloths.

The stars took against the New Year in style. Clear is that everyone in, narrow jeans, boots and glimmer is that a common thing in Hollywood.

Victoria Beckham wore modern skirt when she could be on Heath row airport in the week. Judging from the picture that looks to Mrs. Beckham has forgotten to clothe themselves in the lower part is out of cover.

Jennifer Lopez wears long dress when she could be collecting for Haiti. Collin reminds a bit of eighties when warm loose glamour collar were thought smart. To colling remained up special spanker inside him. Usually these were collar eventually but Ms. Lopez is one way the finer short dress.

Hilary Duff was smart when she stepped in the rain in California. With a hat that weapon girths her pants down in Jimmy Chou boots and giant Balancing bag. Here’s how to do this.

Hot actress Mischa Barton was really cool in the pink and tiger fur coat. Indeed, she was going in the recording for Law and Order and not with her to justice.

Models Agyness Deyn was cool in New York in red and soft like Barberry shoes Okla.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker makes the cold does not bite her self. She has worn this sweater and has seen it several times last week. To pop up sweater she uses belt in mite.

Rachel Zoe might be a Golden Globe Award shown bare shoulders. At the same event could be Ashley Olsen in teleplay Alexander McQueen dress and Nicole Ritchie was in dress from Metro.

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